7 Best Luxury Vacation Destinations For Couples

Exploring the lush-green terrains and snow-capped mountains is a dream come true for travelers. You must take a break from the usual routine and spend some quality time with your partner. But, make sure to research and find out the ideal luxurious destination worldwide. Some couple-friendly spots to traverse through are Santorini, Sonoma valley, and Costa Rica. Also, you can explore the mountains and stay on a full-fledged tree horse with your significant other. There are endless options to consider for a mesmerizing getaway amidst natural aesthetics.

Here are the top vacation destinations that provide the much-needed luxury and romantic vibes. 



Here’s a paradise in Greece that offers mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful waves by the seashore. Santorini is a haven filled with white-painted walls and blooming bougainvilleas by the streets. Also, the region is quite suitable for a luxurious getaway with your partner. You can traverse through the caldera cliff wall and spend some quality time at the red beach. 

Along with this, try the local cuisine and cover up the historic sites that offer a greater insight into the city. You can take the ground transportation to reach the attractions that are a bit far off from your resort by the seashore. 

Costa Rica 

Are you fond of the dense rainforests with rich biodiversity and calming natural aesthetics? If yes, then you must plan a trip to the Costa Rican terrains with your partner. The region offers you the perfect blend of white beaches and lush green forests. Also, it provides a breezy coastline and top-notch delicacies to taste. You can explore the famous beaches or book a hotel on the seashore. Some popular attractions to cover up are Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano, Monteverde, and the Cloud Forests. Don’t forget to plan a luxurious stay in the region and achieve the much-needed adrenaline rush. 

Sonoma Valley 


Do you savor a bottle of wine with the breathtaking views of the sea and breezy surroundings? Sonoma Valley is a dreamy vacation destination for the sommeliers out there. It offers beautiful views of the mountains and romantic sceneries amidst the forests. Also, you can get your hands on the best native wines like cabernet sauvignon, pinot gris, and pinot noir. Some wineries that you must explore are Landmark vineyards, Jordan winery, and DeLoach vineyards. Try to sit by the seashore with a glass of cabernet and your partner’s company in the evening.


Another suitable destination for all the beach lovers out there is Maui in Hawaii. The beach region is ideal for a romantic getaway in a calm and serene environment. You can unwind and relax at rejuvenating beaches like Kaanapali and Lahaina. Also, try to experience thrilling watersports like snorkeling, surfing, and scuba-diving with your partner. Make sure to explore the blue Hawaiian beaches and interact with the locals. You can cover up the popular spots like Hana Highway, Ka'anapali Beach, and  Nakalele Blowhole. After gazing at the famous sites, you can relax at Makena Beach and Kamaole Beach Park. 


One of the best regions to witness the geographical marvels of the planet is the northern lights. You must plan a trip to the Alaskan region and go for aurora hunting with your partner. The region has the best snow-capped mountains like Denali and Mount Hunter. Also, you might satisfy the astrophile within through star-gazing activities. For a luxurious stay, you can book a glass igloo and enjoy the night sky under warm blankets. Not only will it provide you the best romantic vacation, but it also gratifies travelers with astronomical marvels.

The Galapagos Islands 

If you’re fond of nature and like to observe flora and fauna in their natural habitat, then Galapagos island is the right place to be. You must plan a trip to the Galapagos island and witness the rich blend of beaches and sea wildlife. Try to book a resort near Gardner Bay and enjoy the serene surroundings. Also, you can explore Seymour island and spend some quality time with your loved one. Some popular activities like Snorkeling & Diving and a walk at the El Chato Tortoise Reserve are all you need. Go for the surfing excursions and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.



Every couple wishes to spend a nice vacation in the city of Eiffel tower and blossoming love. If you’re all set for a romantic vacation with your partner, then you must traverse through the streets of Paris. You can fulfill all the romantic dreams and develop a historical insight during the trip. Also, make sure to explore the spots like Notre-Dame de Paris, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and Musée d'Orsay. Take a walk down the Tuileries gardens to witness nature in its true form. You can go for a boat ride over the seine river and make the most of your romantic vacation.

The Bottom Line

Traveling revolves around the will to head out and adequate planning to make the trip a successful one. If you’re tired of working and need a break soon, you must plan a romantic getaway to the beaches with your partner. Or, maybe explore the turquoise waters and authentic wines of Santorini. Some romantic destinations that you can consider are Costa Rica, Alaska, and the Galapagos island. Make sure to plan well in advance and embark upon the journey with your partner. Not only will it check off another region from your bucket list, but it also helps you unwind.