6 Reasons Vaping is so Popular Among teens 

Part of the intention behind vaping was to allow chronic smokers to beat their nicotine addiction. It was never meant for teens, but there has been a surge in the number of teens that vape over the years. Even though it was meant to help quit smoking, even teens that never smoked before now vape. 


A report published by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that almost 4.9 million teens (middle and high school students) used tobacco products in the last 30 days. Among these tobacco products, e-cigarette topped the list. 

A series of statistics reveal the alarming number of high school students hooked on vaping devices. Of course, this begs the question: Why is vaping popular among teens? Here are six possible reasons for this:

  • Vaping is available in Various Flavors.

Unlike a cigarette, vaping comes with assorted flavors, which makes it appealing to teens. They do not carry the obnoxious tobacco smell; instead, there are many attractive flavors like chocolate, mint, orange, banana, candy, etc.  Flavors are needed for vaping. The journey for your all-day-vape begins as soon as you find the right vape juice flavors.

As a result, teens find these assorted flavors appealing. They can vape anywhere without constituting a nuisance with the odor. It is even possible to vape discreetly around their parents. However, a cigarette is not flavored due to the prohibition of federal laws on a traditional cigarette. 

Photo by Rafael Barros from Pexels

  • Vaping Devices are not Costly. 

For most teenagers, traditional cigarettes are expensive since they only use them once. However, provided they buy a durable vape device and the best vape pen, they can vape whenever they like without spending. 

Vaping devices are readily available at online and local stores at affordable prices. As a result, manufacturers have increased, leading to more competition. The market also serves as a fertile ground for investors. 

This surge in supply has given rise to the wide availability of vaping products at affordable prices. Since vaping is less expensive than smoking, teenagers consider it. 

  • Vaping is Addictive 

Another reason for the rise in vaping among teens is because many teens are getting addicted to them. The presence of nicotine (a highly addictive substance) in vape devices was designed to help smokers kick the habit to tailor down the content. 

Sadly, nicotine can cause serious side effects in young people. Studies show that early nicotine exposure might configure the brain to be more sensitive to substance abuse later on. In addition, any attempt to quit nicotine will trigger severe withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, nervousness, and others. 

  • A Friend or Relative that Smokes

Teens and other young people are just finding their foot in life. They look up to parents and others as a model and try to imitate their habits. 

A National Youth Survey, according to the CDC, reported that one primary reason why teens vape is due to a friend or family member that uses e-cigarettes. The survey further states that students revealed that they vaped because a family member or friend did so. 

This explains why manufacturers of vape devices advise using such products away from kids. By doing this, you limit their tendency to be fascinated by such habits and protect them from harmful chemicals.

  • A False Sense of Safety 

E-cigs were introduced in 2007 when there was no regulation. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) was not authorized to regulate them like tobacco products until nine years later. Since then, it became illegal to sell tobacco products to people under 21.

Many companies producing e-cigarette advertise their product as a safer alternative to cigarettes. As a result, many people falsely believe that e-cigarettes are safe, and teens easily underestimate the risk. The CDC also noted most teenagers use the vaping device thinking it to be safer than cigarettes. 

All the efforts (health concerns, age restrictions, higher taxes, and regulations) that successfully helped reduce the smoking rate in adults and teens made it easy for people to switch to e-cigarettes, especially teens. 

To a lot of people, e-cigarettes are simply harmless vapor with assorted flavors. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. 

  • Vaping is Discrete and Sleek

Vape devices come in a series of designs like a pen, USB stick, etc. Such a device appears harmless and can fit anywhere. You can hold them without anyone realizing what you are holding. However, many vape devices have nicotine content that is almost the same as what is available in a pack of cigarettes. 

Many teens affirmed that the discreteness and lack of obnoxious vapor make vaping desirable. However, these properties make vaping dangerous. While vaping and smoking have different modes of operation, the effect is similar due to the nicotine content.

Many teens use these devices daily, and they go scot-free due to the absence of smell. However, this neither makes vaping safe nor removes the effect of the harsh chemicals they consume. 

While the target for e-cigarette was existing adults that wanted to quit the habit, the branding, look and taste of vaping devices all come with a youthful appeal. 


Any teenager can decide to start vaping for many reasons. The reason could be the low cost of the device, a family member or friend that smokes, and a false belief that vaping is not as harmful as smoking. 

Everyone needs to bear in mind that vaping is not entirely harmless, and no study is yet to pass the habit as entirely safe.