6 Incredibly Useful Fashion Tips for Females Who Don't Know What to Wear On Their Next Trip to Dollywood

Most people don't realize this, but one of the most confusing parts of a theme park trip is choosing the right outfit. With so many options, many women get overwhelmed by the idea of looking perfect in their selected attire. After all, our Instagram photos depend on this! 

Theme parks like Dollywood welcome thousands of people every year. While it may be a fun-packed day with your loved ones, looking comfortable yet gorgeous can be a challenge. This is mainly because most people visit this fantastic theme park during the summers when Nashville heat can be a different challenge when you stand in lines for hours. 

What Is the Best Thing to Wear for A Fun-Filled Day at Dollywood? 

When people visit theme parks, they expect to have a wonderful time. It is highly inconvenient if you end up in your favorite brunch dress with a pair of heels and a face packed with makeup. Imagine the sweat, pain, and agony as you walk around exploring the wonders of this mind-blowing theme park - God forbid if one of the heels snap! 

This is why we are here to give you some beneficial advice on how to dress up for your next trip to Dollywood - especially during the summers. Keep reading to find out the best tips on the internet. 

Head Attire 

Hats are essential if you want to protect your head from boiling. Other than this, if you have skin conditions like eczema or acne, wearing a hat should be a mandatory part of your attire. Some people also carry an umbrella but personally, it's just too much work. Hats are much more convenient as you have both hands free for other stuff. Other than this, it will be on your head while you wait in lines and ride roller coasters. Just remember to take your hat off if you are getting on a ride that can flip you. While there are thousands of brands available online and in your nearest market, some of the best brands to buy hats from are: 

  • Mango 
  • Big It Up 
  • Hat Club 
  • Bailey 
  • Lock & Co 

Face Attire 

Sunglasses are such a vibe. Not only do they improve your look by like a million percent, but they also protect your eyes and face from possible sunburn. While it is mandatory to wear sunscreen on your next trip to Dollywood - especially if you don't want a crusty sunburn the next day. Adding a pair of sunglasses will help you look and feel better. If your vision is compromised, instead of wearing contacts in such weather, try wearing sunglasses with power lenses. Remember to take them off or have a protective strap, so they don't fall or entirely take them off for a while. You can buy a nice pair from literally anywhere. However, if you feel like glamming your eyes a bit, here are a few brands to purchase sunglasses from: 

  • Christian Dior 
  • Burberry
  • Gucci
  • RayBan 
  • Carrera

Upper Body Attire 

This is what confuses us all the most! What shirt to wear? We all want to wear a perfect color for the perfect trip. Oh, and of course, something that doesn't make us look too plain (believe me, we all do). Instead of going for what shirt is the best looking, pick the ones that you are most comfortable wearing. Depending on the temperature the day you visit the park, choose something that will help you survive the Nashville heat. Tank tops, loose t-shirts are splendid options for a summer trip. If you want to flaunt your summer body, consider wearing a sports bra as it is much more convenient and helps you move around quickly. The choice of colors also impacts your trip, so go for brighter colors that make you look energetic, active, and ready to explore Dollywood. Although any t-shirt would do, here are some awesome brands to buy t-shirts from: 

  • Adidas 
  • Nike 
  • Everlane 
  • Calvin Klein 
  • Mango

Lower Body Attire 

This may be really simple for most people - pick out the best jeans you have and go. However, for others, picking the right bottoms is important. People from foreign countries (who don't wear jeans normally) find it hard to choose the right piece for themselves. If you are struggling with this, try to opt for more baggy jeans or sweatpants. Nike, Adidas, and Reebok have an exciting collection of sweatpants and active wear if you intend to go this way. Shorts are also easy to wear. We prefer jeans shorts as they won't let your legs stick to each other if you work up a sweat. Always remember to coat your legs with sunscreen a few times before leaving and do it after intervals during your trip. Jeans are only comfortable and look good if you wear exactly your size. Here are awesome brands to shop jeans from: 

  • Levi's 
  • Diesel 
  • Pepe Jeans 
  • Armani 
  • Wrangler


What is the perfect shoe being a question that can literally stir chaos among fashionistas worldwide? Although visiting an amusement park does not give you much of a footwear option, there are several different options for you to choose from. For people who intend to walk a lot and take as many rides as possible, wearing trainers of any kind would do the trick. Make sure to buy from a good brand for extra comfort. For those who want to chill out, get on a few basic rides, and mainly use the shuttle to move around, flip-flops are a great way. We suggest that you take both. Make some space in your backpack for your slippers. Make sure to pack extra socks because if you get your feet soggy, it's going to destroy your entire mood. If you plan to spend a night at the Gatlinburg Cabins, some loose shoes will allow you to roam around at night. Here are some really cool brands for your trainers and slippers: 

  • Osmile2
  • Nike 
  • Balenciaga 
  • Tom Ford 
  • Crocs 
  • Ralph Lauren


For a trip to a theme park like Dollywood, taking a clutch with you is the best way to ruin your entire day. Clutches are - let's just stress enough on this - not feasible for a trip to amusement parks. You need plenty of stuff there with you. Sanitizers, extra masks, extra shirts, shoes, water bottles, deodorant, power bank, snacks, and other necessities. Instead of taking a small bag, carry a spacious backpack. Not only will it allow you to store things quickly, but you can also carry them on your back and free your hands. Many women like wearing cross-body bags or tote bags, and it's completely fine as long as there is someone else carrying all the necessary items. Here are some really noteworthy options to buy a spacious backpack: 

  • Topo 
  • Nike
  • North Face 
  • Herschel 
  • Reebok 


Many people spend an entire year waiting for a trip to an amusement park. If you have an opportunity, do not ruin your trip by choosing unsuitable and uncomfortable attire. We have assembled a general idea of what you should wear. Everything should be comfortable to wear from your head to feet, easy to dry, and simple to manage. You can only have fun if your clothes are not standing in your way.