6 Important Things You Should Know About Graphic Design In 2021

It is important to note that certain aspects of web design have been here to stay, such as fast download times, intuitive navigation, increased security, and the rise of the battery-saving, eye-friendly dark mode. Trends in graphic design are enhancing these elements visually. This trend is not limited to website design, its implications for the branding of companies, logos, marketing, illustration, and all domains of graphic design are also readily apparent.

In this article, we present 6 important trends you should know in 2021. A high level of quality is extracted from them, which already has a great deal of positive impact. After all, they have already attracted tremendous attention, adorned the pages of the Internet, and appeared as product covers, logos, and billboards.

1. 3D Design

The application of 3D technology has already proven itself in many fields of technology and in the digital world, which is why it is by no means a new phenomenon. So, what is so fresh about it? Incorporating a bit of the old craft and new ideas brings about a new look in the most modern packaging design. Designers at Edge Marketing find that 3D offers an incredible number of possibilities to use, so the figures have already brought to life many design stories. Now, they tend to appear not only as elements of a larger image but as the main trump cards of a visual experience. 

2. Geometric Shapes

Known for their flawless shapes, geometric forms are very popular. These shapes have dominated the scene over the years because they consistently assist and demonstrate themselves as worthy of being admired. The use of geometry is an integral part of the design process. In addition, these simple shapes can be used as puzzle pieces. While they play an important role in the big picture, they are simplified enough to be integrated into an assembly, where they become building blocks. In addition, the simplicity of geometric shapes does not inhibit creative thinking.

3. Emoji Design

Emojis are now widely used as a form of pictograms that allow designers to add expression to statements, websites, or printed materials. The tone of voice and a wink at the end of the sentence are increasingly common in web design, even becoming the main element of communication. Mainly but not exclusively on social media- Instagram, Snapchat- Emojis promote interaction. In all your designs, the choice of Emojis creates a response and a reaction, lightens up the mood (something we all need) and communicates the underlying feelings.

4. 3D Typography Design

In 2020, typography design received a significant boost, with designers incorporating a wide range of playful ideas and concepts, and viewers embracing them in a big way. In the past, typography had a stronger artistic flow, and we do not anticipate that to change anytime soon. 

Whether the next trend will be geometric or organic, 3d typography looks to be emerging, utilizing the same idea but adding to it rather than abandoning it. Indeed, typography design is fast becoming recognized as one of the most innovative forms of graphic design, utilizing all the most contemporary and popular techniques in an incredibly creative manner.

5. Cartoon Illustrations

With heavy graphic elements, a clean digital look, and a minimalistic design, custom illustrations have become an efficient way to distinguish your website from the generic blur of websites. Illustrations today are more varied, interesting, multi-faceted than ever before, and can complement the design while simultaneously remaining on point and on par with the ethos you wish to convey.  

Illustrations are quite popular, and they will remain so for the foreseeable future. Custom cartoon characters will be next in popularity in illustration. Perfect for establishing a lasting impression, excellent for creating the ambiance for a product or a website, and remarkably versatile. A character can be utilized on the website, on business cards, on posters, as well as presentation materials.

6. Monochrome and Duotone

Design strategies based on a limited color palette have been around for some time. This is partly due to the smooth, cool appearance of the design, however, it is also to compensate for the increasing number of illustrations and complex graphics. Providing a simple color theme helps the designer utilize their limited time on more complex elements. For the consumer, this simplifies the design so that their brains will not be overburdened with a mixed bag of design features that all compete with one another.

Designing in monochrome or duotone is a natural next step, as they allow designers to create a background atmosphere while still exploiting the benefits of technology. Monochromatic filters are an ideal way for designers to experiment with dual tones while still leaving room to express themselves. Additionally, the sense of structure and harmony which is automatically created by this design style is an important advantage.

Finally, the world of graphic design is undergoing unprecedented growth, a market where in order to remain at the forefront you must constantly strive for success. Tastes change with time, technology evolves, and we either catch up or push to the forefront. Presented here are the top design trends of 2021 for you to take a look at, to think about, to debate, to dismiss, to spark your mojo, it's entirely up to you.