5 Tips To Maintain Your Dog Hygiene

If you’re thinking of getting a French bulldog, it’s crucial to know what’s required of you to keep your furry friend happy. The dog is going to need more than food, water, and regular walks. You’ll also need to maintain a consistent grooming schedule to keep the dog happy, healthy, and clean.


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But where do you start if you’ve never owned a dog before? We’ve provided a comprehensive guide for maintaining your dog’s hygiene and shared tips on doing it right. Let’s jump right in.

Prioritize Oral Care

It may not seem like dogs need regular dental cleanings as much as humans do, but they do. Dogs are susceptible to gum disease, so it’s crucial to take care of their oral health. You have two options here. You can use raw bones or dog toothpaste. Avoid using human toothpaste for your dog’s teeth because it’s not formulated to be swallowed. Monty and Minx offers expert veterinary pet dental care for the region.


Getting your furry friend used to teeth cleanings can be a hassle. You need to get them used to the process before you begin using a toothbrush. Consider the tips below.


  • Arm yourself with FOMO Bones to reward him and motivate him to accept cleanings.
  • Begin by rubbing only your fingers over the dog’s teeth surfaces.
  • Once the dog is used to your fingers, add a small amount of dog toothpaste and allow him to taste before you begin rubbing. Do this several times before attempting a toothbrush.
  • When the dog is ready for a toothbrush, get one designed for a dog( they tend to have multiple angles for easy brushing. Finger toothbrushes are the best for puppies.
  • Introduce the toothbrush slowly as well and brush the dog’s teeth gently to avoid discomfort.


Bathe Your Dog Often, But Don’t Overdo It

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How often you bathe your dog will depend on their breed and habits. Some dog breeds need to be bathed every six weeks, and some can get away with only three baths a year. If you’re not certain how often to bathe your dog, consult a veterinarian. 


However, as a general rule of thumb, most dogs need to be bathed every six weeks. Doing it more often will do more harm than good. The shampoo may strip essential oils from the dog’s hair and cause skin dryness.


When bathing your dog, choose a dog shampoo and stroke the dog’s hair as you go to check for fleas and ticks. Brush the dog’s hair gently to reduce matting but don’t overdo this either.


Clip The Dog’s Nails as Needed

Dogs’ nails wear off on their own depending on how much exercise the dog gets. However, you may need to clip the nails to keep your dog’s hygiene in tip-top condition from time to time. If the dog’s nails are too long and you need to clip them, take it slow and proceed with caution to avoid hurting your furry friend. A blood vessel runs through a dog’s nails. Therefore, if you’re not careful, you can easily clip it, causing pain and the possibility of an infection.

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Check for Eye Infections


It’s also important to clean the area around your dogs often to prevent eye infections. Wiping the area with a damp piece of clean cloth is all you need to do to prevent getting any irritants in the dog’s eyes. You can determine how often you need to do this based on your dog’s everyday habits. 


Does he love running through bushes and sticking his head into various spaces? If so, you may need to check the eyes more often because there’s a higher likelihood something will get inside with this behavior. If you notice any redness, it’s best to visit a vet for treatment.

Don’t Forget to Clean their Ears

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It would be best to clean your dog’s ears often because these are some areas that irritants have easy access to. Purchase an ear cleaner designed for dogs and use it as directed. You don’t have to do it often if your dog isn’t extremely active. Make it a habit to check inside the ears and see if there’s any dirt or redness. Also, observe to see if your dog scratches the area too much.


Don’t clean the ears if there is any redness. Visit a vet in such a case because there is a possibility of infection. 


Wrapping Up

Before you get a dog, make sure you know everything you should do to keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and clean. Different dog breeds need different things. So, consult a vet, read up, and consider the tips we’ve shared in this article to provide the stay on top of your dog’s hygiene. Also, schedule regular professional vet cleanings and checkups so that you can catch things like infections in the early stages.