5 Tips for Organising Your Summer Wardrobe

Winter is finally behind us. It's time to say goodbye to the cosy jumpers and the thick jackets and hello to the sundresses and the shorts. The worst thing about finding all your old summer clothes is ransacking through your wardrobes and drawers trying to find them amongst all your jumpers, especially when you’re running late for the pub garden.

The team at Case Farm have compiled these top tips on how to organise your wardrobe for the summer months, so you can go out and enjoy every moment in the sun, without stressing over your wardrobe.

1. Take everything out of your wardrobe

This may seem counterproductive to some but taking everything out of your closet is the perfect place to start. From there, the best way to sort through clothes is to divide them into three piles:

·        Keep - the clothes you love and want to keep.

·        Sell - clothes that are in good condition that you no longer want to keep.

·        Bin - clothes that are well worn, or stained and won’t be worn again.

Once you have organised your piles you can start to put away the clothes you want to sell and bin. The clothes you want to sell should be cleaned (if they are not already), and put in a box, so you can take photos and post them online, and make a couple of bucks. Clothes from the bin pile can be sorted into a bag and be dropped off at clothing recycling bins, which you can normally find outside your big supermarkets. Top tip: any old cotton t-shirt makes great rags for household cleaning so save a few as they will come in handy.

2. Organise your clothes into seasons

British weather can be a bit temperamental, but the best way to sort your clothes is by season. Your thick Christmas jumpers aren’t going to have any use over the summer months, so it is best to keep them out of sight along with your other winter warmers until they are needed. Some people prefer just to do summer and winter as some clothes like jeans, and t-shirts are staples all year round.

Once you’ve sorted your seasonal clothing, pack away your winter clothes. It's best to pack away your stuff in a breathable box and store it somewhere cool, dark and dry. Best places to keep them include under the bed or a shelf in your wardrobe, to keep them out of sight until later in the year. Then when it gets colder, you can just switch out your winter warmers and put your summer clothes in the boxes for next year. If you have multiple boxes of winter clothes add a sticky label to the box and write on what is being stored in the box- it will save you time when it comes to unpacking the boxes in wintertime.

3. To hang or not to hang

Deciding to hang or fold your clothes can help you store them more effectively and help protect your clothes.

To determine which items you should fold or hang, mainly comes down to the clothing material. A general rule is that clothing that can be stretched out like t-shirts and sweaters should be folded, along with thick and sturdy items like jeans. Garments that crease easily like shirts and leather should be hung up in your wardrobe.

4. Fold it up

When working with limited storage space it is important to use it to the best of your abilities. Clothing like t-shirts can be folded, instead of hung up to save space. Organisational expert and Netflix star, Marie Kondo, suggests a rectangular folding t-shirt hack that can save up to 50% of draw space and allow you to see all your t-shirts easily. This can be done in five easy steps:

·        Fold one side of the shirt across the centre.

·        Fold the other side of the shirt in the same direction- leaving a gap just before the edge, leaving a gap (this should create a rectangle).

·        Fold the top lengthwise.

·        Then fold the top in half or into thirds, depending on the size.

·        Stand the folded shirt up and put it in your drawer.

5. Effective hanging

If you have a small wardrobe or a lot of clothes, hanging clothes can take up a lot of room in your wardrobe. This can be achieved by using vertical hangers, which can be bought from most supermarkets, but they're a couple of DIY options that work just as well.

Next time you have a can of coke or any other fizzy drink, save the tab and that can be used to create a vertical hanger. Simply thread one coat hand through the one hole of the soda tab, and another hanger through the other, and there you go! Multi-level hanging space sorted. This also works with shower curtain rings as well!

Spending a few hours sorting out your wardrobe may seem like another chore, but it will benefit you in the long run, leaving you more time to plan your Insta-worthy summer fits and enjoy your time in the sun.