5 Tips For Buying Jewelry Online

What’s a woman’s best friend? And what can make it even better?

Buying jewelry online is as convenient as buying anything else on the net. But the convenience adds a little obfuscation to the buying process.

You have to look out for the regular pitfalls with the added complexity of not being able to see it before purchase. All that glitters may not be gold, after all. 

These are the 5 tips to buying jewelry online. 

1. Know Your Size

Before you buy any fitted jewelry, you’ll need to know your size. This is the case for some necklaces, but it’s particularly important for purchasing rings online. It may be an important ring for a special someone, so getting their ring size might be tricky without revealing your intentions. 

Many online printouts can gauge the size of rings you already have. Among those tools, some wrappable rulers will measure your finger’s width. If all else fails, get your finger sized at a jewelry store — it’s free!

2. Look at the Reviews

The most truthful opinions of products are peer reviews. It is imperative to check them before you make any purchases—especially those that are significantly expensive, such as a jewelry gift

If a product is reviewed poorly, obviously avoid it. Purchase something with at least 4-stars (an 80% approval rate). 

3. Make Sure the Site Is Reputable

There are a lot of sites online that offer the sale of jewelry. Unfortunately, not a lot of them are reputable. 

Most companies have some sort of certification when they’re selling high-quality products. If the shop you’ve stumbled on doesn’t have a standard sales certification, then don’t buy from them. Reputability can also be assessed by the quality of the website and the number of reviews per product.

4. Compare Prices Before Buying Jewelry

The best thing about buying online is its accessibility to different prices. All of the data is available for price analysis. 

Find your favorite jewelry, or similar products, on different websites. Compare their prices (including shipping and handling). This removes all of the price ambiguity spread across physical stores. 

5. Check the Warranty

Do not buy from a jewelry purveyor that does not have an extended warranty or some kind of return service. The product might be perfect, but a company that doesn’t back their goods with a guarantee is a bad indicator. You may need to get it serviced or return it in the future, so the warranty is just as important as the piece of jewelry. 

You’ve Struck Gold

Purchasing jewelry has never been so convenient. The creation of the Internet has made the process unequivocally easier. There are some tips that you should follow to get the best experience. 

Before shopping, get your ring sized. Then look at reviews and different prices among competitors. Make sure the site is reputable and that they offer warranty services.

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