5 Things to Consider as You Shop for The Right Sex Toy for You


Having a sex toy is becoming a norm in society. Plus, a lot more people than you can imagine own a sex toy. If you want to enhance your sexual experience with a sex toy. Today is a better time to look for the best and right product for you. You can choose from a range of toys available depending on what experience you want to have. Everyone tastes are different and we have different bodies. Therefore, with the various types of Dameproducts, everyone can access sexual pleasure. In this article are some things to keep in mind as you shop for the right sex toy or tool for you. 


Since it is a tool you will use on the body, material matters. Toys made of silicone, glass, and plastic are safe. However, it is best to avoid any jelly-based sex toys. People who have used them, have reported getting unpleasant chemical burns. Also, consider the budget you intend to use for your toy. This depends on your needs and desires for you can spend up to $ 250 on a toy and you can still get quality for around $140. Also, research more before you purchase any of these toys online to get the right one. Consider too where you want to put this toy in your body, since different parts of the body function differently. Thus, choose something that suits your sexual needs.

Sensation you need

To add to the realm of pleasure possibilities. Choose tools like feathers and blindfolds to use your partner. This comes in handy especially when you do not need toys for penetration purposes. Since you still get to encounter satisfying sex through touch and sensation. Also, hypersensitivity happens clitorally and vaginally and you need your partner to rub a feather over your neck and thighs as it is quite stimulating. These toys are also a good choice for beginners. They will help you start small if you want to use more sex toys in the future. There are even more sophisticated sex toys now which can simulate a normal penis. Dildos which can shoot cum are becoming very popular sex toys, alongside more niche toys which can be used for oviposition. 

Vibrations you need 

A vibrator sex toy is the most prescribed toy in sex therapy to people who cannot orgasm. It has stood the test of time and has been there for decades. It is versatile and powerful and you can lie on it, balance it on a pillow or use it as it is. You can also opt for smaller ones for a different type of vibration. You easily attach the toy to your fingers and move your fingers where you want to stimulate. Another good option is strap ons for a different kind of sexual encounter. 

Also, if you do not want to use your hands, get a dildo. Choose one that you can put on the wall, floor, or any other hard surface to use. 

Type of sex you want

As you shop for your first toy, consult with the staff to learn more about the sex toys they have. But first, you need to know what type of sexual experience you want. Know yourself a little and consider what turns you on. Is it for a solo experience or a couple’s time? Is it for vaginal or anal penetration? Think of all this and more to get the right sex toy for you. Thinking about where you want the stimulation for both men and women is helpful as you seek a sex toy. Maybe you do not want genital stimulation, and its nipple stimulation that you are looking for or any other kind. Figuring out your target stimulation is the first thing to consider. 

App-based toys 

Sometimes you want to keep this frisky business to yourself. You can look for an app-based toy for your solo time. Hands-free is great for people with mobility issues or those who want to feel as if they are getting a partner experience. By using this app, you can set a vibratory pattern and press play, and enjoy the experience without you directing. Consider how much sensation you are comfortable to start with. How fast do you want it moving and other things? Shop for your favorite one as most sex toy companies have one that is app-controlled.