11 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Stunning Space

Summer is here, and while we all want to make traveling a thing again, the pandemic is still in the way. But there's no need to fret! You don't need to book a getaway ticket to relish the lovely summer months. You can turn your backyard into a stunning summer-ready place—without breaking the bank.

Little touches, from DIY outdoor furniture makeovers to installing a new grill or patio umbrella, can go a long way. Have a splendid time hanging in your backyard simply by reassessing what you want it to look like or what purposes you intend: a place to gather, to work, to play, or relax. Think of clearing all the clutter first before doing anything, though.

11 Ways to Turn the Backyard into a Summer Stunning Space

It's always possible to have a great summertime at home. Take these 11 tips to turn your backyard into a summer-stunning space. You're welcome!

1. Comfortable Seating

Adding furniture and accents will make your backyard more inviting and entertaining to anyone. Most specifically, adding comfortable seating paired with outdoor pillows and colorful outdoor rugs will allow you and your guests to stretch out and truly relax. 

2. Fire Pit as a Focal Point

Instantly add a touch of coziness by placing a fire pit as the focal point of your backyard sitting area. Not only that fire pits or bowls keep the bugs away, but it makes an excellent excuse to gather, cuddle, have a beer, or maybe some s'mores.

3. DIY Outdoor Movie Theater

Netflix and chill outdoors while enjoying the warmth of summer or enjoy your favorite flick under the glittering stars. With so many online tutorials available, setting up your outdoor movie theater shouldn't take much of your time (or money).

4. Add Water Features

A pond, fountain, birdbath, or hot tub in your backyard helps cool off your surroundings. Not only that but the sight and sound of water are calming and restorative. You don't need to invest in significant construction to create the soothing sound of water. Stock tank, salvaged urn, or stack of rocks are some of the many creative things you can use to install a water feature in your backyard.

5. Hang a Hammock or a Swing

Tree or porch swings are fun ways to liven up your yard. Or better yet, hang a hammock for some serious sleep-inducing relaxation.

6. Don't Forget Shade

Large trees give a natural shade, but in case you don't have them, you must create an alternative. A shady hangout makes your backyard relaxation more enjoyable and conjures up images of vacation or the summer vibes. You can use patio umbrellas, gazebos, arbors, awning, and pergolas.

7. Outdoor Lighting

Create the perfect summer haven ambiance with strands of lights in your backyard. Dangle them on trees or a pergola, line a deck railing, or light up the walking paths. Outdoor lighting not only illuminates your yard but also sets the right mood.

8. Create Privacy

Relaxation often is synonymous with privacy. Let your yard have a sense of seclusion by creatively placing fences, walls, or screens for a more private retreat. 

9. Maximize Your Outbuildings

Garden sheds are multipurpose additions and can turn your yard into a visual wonderland. Instead of using your shed only for storing tools and old stuff, you can make good use of it by turning it into much more with the use of a yard sign

Get creative and check for DIY shed makeover projects. Paint it up and redecorate it as a chic and tiny space to relax, a playroom, a mini-pavilion, a workplace, or a hobby house.

10. Set Up Multiple Spaces

To make your backyard a more gravitating and inviting place to stay a while, you should consider creating comfortable and purposeful hangout zones. So before redesigning or planning your landscape, have a clear map in your head of how you want to use the whole backyard space.

You can divide your outdoor areas by public or private use. You could have an outdoor kitchen, play area, living and dining area, recreational areas, nooks, service, and work areas. However, still strive for unity across your backyard space.

Here are a few tricks to set up multiple spaces:

  • Maximize empty spaces
  • Create a flow of traffic and remove unnecessary objects
  • Utilize vertical landscaping
  • Take advantage of multifunctional pieces to maximize space
  • Opt for a tiered backyard
  • Incorporate focal points in your backyard design

11. Add Flowers and Trees that Blossom in Summer

The right landscaping can make or break the theme or mood of your backyard. Choose plants that adapt well to your area and climate to add to your yard's beauty instead of dread. Lush greenery, flowering, and fragrant plants will surely transform your space into a vacation-worthy sanctuary.

Here are some favorites you should consider incorporating into your space:

  • Daylily: beginner-friendly, low maintenance, disease, and insect-resistant. It blooms in a multitude of colors and sizes. 
  • Black-eyed Susan: drought-tolerant perennial with flowers available in yellow, gold, orange, and russet.
  • Cranesbill geranium: reliable and longest blooming, it adds a burst of color available in blue, pink, rose, and magenta. 
  • Verbena: its flowers come in peach, orange, yellow, white, purple, red, and bicolor.
  • Trumpet creeper: blooms appear on new growth from early to late summer in yellow, peach, orange, or red.
  • Crape myrtle: showy flower clusters that bloom in white, pink, red, and purple.
  • Hardy water lily: its exotic bloom appears on or just above the water surface. 
  • Petunia: widely grown bedding plant that blooms all summer with an extensive choice of colors.
  • Dahlia Kennemerland: has long, curled petals that create a spiky effect.
  • Calla lily: An elegant addition to gardens available in a multitude of colors.