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 Tips For Upgrading Your Outdoor Patio 

A patio is an open outdoor platform, usually extending from a home, to an outbuilding such as a gazebo, arbor, or shed. However, a patio is also a paved outdoor area located directly on the earth, which is either attached to or detached from a home. While a deck is often located inside a home, a patio can be placed outdoors in any location. Many people use patios to have great meals outdoors or to entertain guests when they arrive at the home.

1. Outdoor Upgrades That Can Add Value To Your Home Patios can be constructed from concrete slabs, brick, pavers, stone, tiles and a variety of other materials. Some patios are small ones that only seat one or two people, whereas others are large and designed as an outdoor room. Many people like to use patios as an extra room where they can hang out with their friends and have a good cookout. In addition, some people prefer to use patios as an outdoor storage area, where they keep gardening supplies, firewood and picnic equipment.

When building a patio or deck, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. First, choose a place with no tree cover. This means no pine, cedar or oak trees anywhere near the area. All these trees will lead to rotting and decay. Second, after construction, make sure that all weeds are removed so that there is no dampness or mold. Third, make sure that there are no protruding nails or screws in the wood.

2. Health Benefits Of Outdoor Living Spaces

 The first scientific review of outdoor light, back in 1991, focused on outdoor lighting as a potential preventative measure for psychiatric problems. After several years, the pendulum has swung in the other direction; we now understand that the benefits of outdoor light are far greater than just illumination for safety reasons. As studies continue to grow in number and depth, we are discovering that the positive benefits of outdoor lighting extend far beyond illumination for safety reasons. Many people would argue that it is the combination of lighting and darkness that make outdoor lighting beneficial, as it creates ambiance, improves mood, and provides a rich environment.

There are many physical health benefits of spending time outdoors. Scientific studies are showing that spending time outdoors has positive effects on all kinds of physical conditions, from improved circulation to lower blood pressure to decreased chances of heart disease to lower cholesterol to lower stress levels. The recent findings are also indicating that the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors are also increasing as researchers discover that spending time outdoors is linked to an increased sense of well-being, which is linked to a reduction in depression, anxiety, and tension. Yes, the outdoor ambiance has a lot to offer the physically and mentally healthy, as the benefits of outdoor lighting are numerous. And while the benefits of the indoors have been recognized for quite some time, there are new indications that the benefits of the outdoors are being recognized much more frequently.

It's easy to see why spending more time outdoors is making such a splash in the health arena, because the benefits of the outdoors extend beyond physical activity to mental stimulation and relaxation. Outdoors offers you fresh air that you simply can not get inside your house. Indoor air pollution is a problem that is more common than most people think, and it has been proven that spending some quality time outside can considerably improve the indoor air quality. Finally, spending time outdoors can improve your immune system, so it makes sense to spend some time outdoors and reap the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of being outdoors.

3. Patio Upgrades To Make This Summer

When constructing outdoor decks, many people like to use stone, slate, concrete or cement blocks. These work well in conjunction with brick, pavers and wooden decks. Stone patios are usually built up front as a patio, while decks are built in the back of the house to provide easy access to the back yard.

A popular style of deck that is gaining in popularity is pergola construction. Pergolas consist of multiple levels or "pairs" of wood, which are staggered along the perimeter of the patio or deck. The main purpose of pergolas is shade and structural support. These decks are very attractive and lend a homely atmosphere.

Many people also like the look and feel of wooden decks and patios. Unfortunately, it is much harder and more expensive to maintain these types of decks. One reason for this is that they tend to rot, crack and fade due to the effects of the weather. Another problem is that the weight of a boat can damage outdoor deck boards. However, by carrying out the right deck maintenance, either yourself or employing a company to do it for you, by regularly checking for damage, cleaning, and routinely Deck Oiling, you should be able to ensure it stays protected, strong, healthy, and beautiful for years to come.

When upgrading your deck, don't forget to make the best possible use of smart products.  For example, motion sensor lighting can shut you lights off when the patio is not in use, saving electricity, and reducing your Duke Energy bill

In recent years, the addition of a deck to an outdoor space has become popular all across the country. Outdoor living has become so popular that today, many people own outdoor patios or decks. Many people have them for their own personal use, but others do them as an added bonus to their homes. Many people use their outdoor patios or decks for barbecues and grills, while others choose them as an additional space to relax outside.

Patios or decks that are situated directly against a wall are very common. These patios are usually attached to the house, so the owner's preference regarding size, color, materials and location often enters into the decision process. Some people prefer a deck that sits out in the open, whereas others want a patio that is located directly next to their bed or seating area. There are even some people who like the combination of a deck and patio that sit directly beside their kitchen sink. Patio designs and construction can take many shapes and forms, depending on the preferences of the homeowner and his or her preferences for design as well as cost and ease of maintenance.