Things To Do At St. John Virgin Islands

If you have been thinking about getting St. John villa rentals for you, you’re certainly wondering about what you can do on this beautiful island. Below are just a few of the things that you can enjoy there. 

Enjoy Incredible Beaches

St. John is known to have some of the best beaches on the planet with white sand, clear water, and huge coconut palms swaying in the distance. to spend your Bonus Time.

The perfect coastline of the island is dotted with many beaches of all sizes and shapes. One of the most popular is Trunk Bay, which is often photographed in international magazines. Also, Cinnamon Bay has a long stretch of white sand that you are sure to enjoy. If you want a more remote beach, try Saloman Bay. To get to this beach, you need to hike for a mile on Lind Point Trail, but the work is worth it! 

Rent A Dinghy

One of the great joys of visiting St. John is seeing it by boat. One of the best boats to rent is a dinghy, which is a small inflatable with a 7 or 10 HP motor. You can rent then for a half or full day. 

When you rent your boat, you will be given a laminated map so you can follow the gorgeous coastline to many coves and beaches around the island. Most of the boats have coolers so you can put your food and drinks on board. 

Snorkel The Reefs

There are many attractive snorkeling options around this island, including seagrass beds, fringed and patched reefs and more. 

Trunk Bay is known for a 225-yard reef of beautiful coral formations. There are countless colorful angelfish, and striped seargant fish that stand out from the white sand as they shoot through the blue-green water. 

There are other bays you can snorkel, but Trunk Bay is amazing and good for beginners because of its shallow depths. 

Swim With Sea Turtles

Another place to take in is Maho and Francis Bay. You can swim with giant sea turtles in this protected area with its grassy seabed. 

The best time to see these beautiful creatures in early morning or late afternoon. You might even see an octopus and the occasional brown pelican. 

Clearly, there are so many wonderful things to do on the island of St. John. Hopefully, you will have the chance to visit the island soon!