Taking Care Of Your Body In the 21st Century: Read These New Suggestions

As we are only flesh and blood we have to give in to the needs of the body. This is, of course, no excuse to be too carnal and to overindulge, but to take care of ourselves and to maintain our wellbeing. And in the 21st century, we know how to do it properly. 

Modern science and years of experience, as well as a modern culture that promotes taking care of the body, have given us new ways to perform self-care. No longer do we have to search for herbs in the forest, or wait for winter, so our skin tightens, but we can exercise, eat and even have fun in such a way that is very beneficial for us. So let’s see what the 21st century has in store for us, shall we? 

New Insight to Our Needs 

Medical professionals and scientists have been bringing forward a lot of discoveries concerning the human body, something that we thought we knew all about a long time ago. With so many experiments giving us insight into our physical as well as mental health, we can use their conclusions to change the way we treat ourselves, for the better. 

Concerning mental health, a very hot topic in recent years, we now know even better how and why sleep is so important for us. Even though many make excuses why they cannot get a good night’s sleep, it seems that staring into a screen (like a smartphone) before going to sleep is detrimental to the quality of sleep and should be avoided. 

A Modern Healthy Diet

Another great revolution that is happening in recent times is the way we eat. Apart from fast food, which we all know we should avoid, we have new ways of getting valuable nutrients in, even when we lack cooking skills or don’t know which foodstuff to get from the store. The people behind Luma Nutrition say that there are companies that made it their task to bring about new cocktails of vitamins and essential oils that our body needs. Like the vitamin pills that were so popular before, these new products are combinations made to target specific body needs.

Not only that we know how to combat sickness in this way, but we are getting more efficient at it too. While it used to be normal for food supplements to require taking in several times larger doses than required for them to take effect, today they are much more precise and safer in that regard.

Exercise Future Ways

Exercising and keeping our body in physical shape has not, in theory, changed much from the last century - we can still do it in groups or individually, at home or in a park or gym, to boost our tonus or take off excess fat, to socialize and to show off.

But, with the constant diffusion of never-ending technological progress, we have started to stray far away from each other, and even though socialization is still important to us, we found a new way to connect, be part of larger groups, and not lack human “touch”. With the current pandemic and global lockdowns happening, a new trend occurred -  exercising at home, but not alone, there are other people too -  on a video call.

There is a certain relief knowing that technology can help us when we truly need it, without turning us into mindless robots, but enables motivation, gatherings, and support. Many futurologists claim that this will become a new standard since it gives us a perfect equilibrium of being behind the screen but in touch with other people.

Cultivating Wholesome Experiences

With the development of medicine and science, it is, by now, obvious that the human life span is expanding and prolonging, awarding us with a healthier life, reducing resident diseases, and giving us time to experience more things than our ancestors could have dreamed of.

And the latter is what we recognize more and more as a key to true self-care, happiness, and a will to engage in something good for us, like exercising, eating better, and drinking less. When we’re more connected to people, when we make time for ourselves, whether that is having a nap in the afternoon, taking a walk with a pet, traveling, having a relaxing massage, learning to do something new now and then, or striving to figure your life purpose.

The 21st century is teaching us is that when we’re satisfied with our being, with our choices, and our beloved ones, our mood gets better, and we get better and that might lead us to the ultimate care of our bodies (and souls).