Stay Stylish: 5 Gorgeous Summer Outfit Ideas

Did you know that the women's fashion industry is expected to make more than $165 billion in 2021? Women between 35-44 years old spend about $960 on clothes each year. 

Despite spending so much on clothing, it's estimated that women only wear between 20-30% of the clothes in their closets. 

With the upcoming summer season, you might be interested in trying new styles and looks. Check out this list of summer outfit ideas for clothes you'll actually end up wearing and loving this summer. 

1. You Can't Go Wrong With a Long Dress

First on this list of summer outfits is the classic long, flowing dress. You can't go wrong with this look because it's both fashionable and comfortable. 

You can wear a long dress for a lunch outing or a walk along the beach. Cotton dresses are the best material because of how breathable they are, and the great news is you can buy cotton dresses online, giving you plenty of choice. You should also opt for bright colors to match the season.

2. Go Casual With Baggy Jeans 

Your summer fashion closet wouldn't be complete without a few pairs of baggy jeans. The common thread on this list so far is choosing outfits that are cute but comfortable. 

Baggy jeans are the perfect choice for creating a summer look. Make sure you pair your jeans with a tucked-in white t-shirt or tank top. Opt for a pair of black shoes and accessories to elevate your look no matter the occasion. 

3. Complete Your Look With a Hat 

A hat is a perfect accessory to complete any summer outfit. It serves as a form of protection from the hot summer sun while making your look unique. 

A women's straw fedora hat goes perfectly with a sundress for your days spent on the beach. You can also pair a sun hat with a sweater for those cool nights.

A straw hat with a white tank top and a long, colorful necklace would also pair nicely. 

4. Colorful Plaid Is In 

Another popular summer outfit idea in women's fashion is colorful plaid. Pops of color are a great way to make your fashion fun during the summer season. 

Colorful plaid pants pair nicely with a solid color long-sleeved top. This outfit would work great for the office or an important meeting.

5. Experiment With Stripes

Other outfit ideas for women during the summer include playing around with different styles of stripes. Mixing different patterns create dynamic and interesting looks. Summer is all about trying new things and what better way to do that than in your fashion. 

You can try a classic white and black striped top with solid black slacks. You can make a switch and wear a solid top with stripe pants. 

Go bolder by mixing strips with another pattern like camo to create texture in your outfits. 

Summer Outfit Ideas You Should Try 

Check out this list of summer outfit ideas to inspire you to try different looks this upcoming season. You can never go wrong with long dresses or hats to complete your outfits. 

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