So, you want to get into paddleboarding, or you want to replace your worn-out paddleboard? This article has your back. Paddleboarding is among the most loved water sports, which gets exciting and fun, especially with family members or friends. However, for the game to get better, you need to get the best stand up paddle board. What do you look for when finding the perfect paddleboard? There are many factors that you need to consider when buying a paddleboard. This article will highlight the appropriate guidelines which might affect your purchase. Check on the list below.

  • Type of paddleboard

Before going to the store or ordering your paddleboard online, you must consider the type you want. The reason for this is that paddleboards come in different styles and designs. We have the all-around paddleboards fit for beginners and those who don't want to do sophisticated paddle boarding. The most sophisticated boards, known as surfing boards, fit intermediaries and individuals who want to do more stunts in water. The surfing board is for individuals who have ridden the basic paddleboards and will want something better.

There are also tourist paddleboards for long-distance paddleboarding and individuals who want to do extensive workouts with their boards. Others include the high-performance boards used for competitions and the fishing SUPS, the advanced boards. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you can get your yoga board and do yoga activities in the water. Choosing the boards depends on their use, preference, and skills. 

  • Cost

The paddleboards mentioned above cost differently. You will find some becoming more expensive than others due to their design, materials, and artistry. When choosing your paddleboard, it would help develop the proper budget to get something that will benefit you. How much does a paddleboard cost? It is essential to check on the price range of each paddleboard before purchase. You will get the ones made of solid material and the inflatable paddleboards, with each type having different prices. If working on a smaller budget, you can choose the cheaper varieties, but they are not long-lasting. Some might last longer but won't give you the needed pleasure. Here, the choice will largely depend on your budget and use of the paddleboard. You can get a basic paddleboard With a smaller budget or break a bank and get yourself a premium board. 

  • Size

Other than types, paddleboards come in different sizes to fit skills and body types. You have to choose a paddleboard that goes well with your body size and skills. If you are a beginner with an average body, you will need a long and wide paddleboard to hold you stable in water. A thicker, more comprehensive, and more extended paddleboard carries more weight than the smaller ones. The main reason why a beginner will require a wide, long, and thick paddleboard is to stay afloat on the water since it will offer more stability. You will then buy smaller sizes as you gain more skills. You don't have to throw away the larger ones. Your family or friends can still use them for training paddle boarding. 

  • Inflatable and Epoxy boards

As highlighted on pricing, there are inflatable and epoxy boards to choose from for your paddleboarding activity. Inflatable paddle boards can get deflated, folded, and moved from one area to another with ease. The epoxy ones are strong and come with a solid material that you can't fold. This situation means you will use and carry it the way it is. When it comes to performance, epoxy paddleboards give better performance than inflatable ones. They provide better movement, glide easily, and are easy to maneuver on the water. They are also durable and mostly preferred for extensive paddle boarding activities. Choosing either the inflatable or epoxy boards depends on your tastes, use, and preferences. 

  • Hull Types

Paddleboards come with different hull designs. The planing hull has its edges tampered with, resembling a boat, and it's most suitable for surfing and casual padding due to its good stability in water. It's also easier to move in the water. The displacement hull has a sharply pointed nose which helps to cut water to either side when moving. It is suitable for deepwater and long-distance paddleboarding since the sharp-pointed nose makes it easier and fast to move the board. Most modern paddle boards  have this design. You can choose any of the designs depending on your preferences. Here's a paddle board sale

The above are the main factors you need to consider when choosing a perfect paddleboard to fit your needs. Besides the factors, it's important to get the right source and read through reviews before choosing the type that will fit your needs. Get one that will make your paddling activity enjoyable, regardless of the cost.