Planning to Work Out at Home? Here are the Essential Items You Need First

Since the pandemic has started, most gyms have closed. Even the ones that are still open are mostly empty since people are scared they might catch the virus. For those of you who are fitness enthusiasts, this time has probably built up some frustration. We know how hard it can be to put a stop to a routine you enjoy so much. Luckily, at-home workouts can replace most things you can do at the gym. 

No matter if you want to work out at home because the gyms have closed, you just need a body solid power rack to maintain your fitness. In the article, you will find essential items for at-home workouts.

An Exercise Mat

It does not matter what kind of exercise you want to do. An exercise mat is a must-have. This piece of equipment can make every workout more comfortable. From yoga, knee push-ups to ab workouts, and mountain climbers, exercise mats will make everything feel better. If you are on a tight budget and you can afford only one piece of equipment, a yoga mat is for you. You can use your own weight to work out, while still having a comfy floor below you. If you do not know what kind of exercises you can do on a mat, don’t worry. There are numerous videos and apps that you can find online. The only thing you need is the will to work out! Head on over to this link if you want to find out about 27 Great Body Weight Exercises For Home Fitness


Dumbbells can open up many opportunities for home workouts. Depending on how in shape you are, you can get a set of medium-weight or heavy dumbbells. As fitness gurus over at https://notonerival.com explain, when you use only your own weight for workouts, it is hard to isolate specific groups of muscles. If this is something you are aiming for, dumbbells are an excellent choice for you. Also, if you have some type of injury, using dumbbells can help you avoid sensitive areas of your body. 


You can target your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and even abs. If you do not have any other types of weights, you can also use them to do squats. If you feel like some of your muscles are a lot stronger than others, you can always get a set of adjustable dumbbells. They might not be as comfortable to hold on to as the neoprene ones, they will give you more options for a smaller amount of money. 

Resistance Bands

Many people don’t know how heavy of a workout you can accomplish using resistance bands. This little piece of equipment is lightweight, it does not take a lot of room, and the best thing is, it is not expensive at all! 


If you are looking for ways to add an extra challenge to your exercises, consider getting resistance bands. The most popular uses include glute workouts, such as side squats, glute bridges, and clamshells. When you do these exercises, put the band under your knees or around your ankles for that extra burn. 


If you were looking for a piece of equipment that can work up your muscles, but can get your heart rate up as well, you might want to buy kettlebells. Some exercises you can do are Turkish get-ups and kettlebell swings. If you want to switch things up a little bit, you can also add them to your traditional strength training

Jump Rope

The most common problem people encounter when it comes to home workouts is finding ways to do some high-intensity cardio. Even though it does not look like it, jump rope workouts can burn hundreds of calories. Besides increasing your heartbeat, this type of workout can help you work up your shoulders, arms, core, and legs as well. Sounds like a perfect piece of equipment, right? 


Just like the resistance bands, jump rope does not take up much space and is not expensive either. The only thing we want to warn you about is not overdoing it at first. It might not look like much, but it will certainly make you sore. So, start small, and build up until you have the perfect at-home cardio training. 


If you are really up for heavy workouts, you can also buy gliders. This piece of equipment looks a lot less challenging than it actually is. Gliders or gliding disks are placed under your feet or your hands during, for example, reverse lunges. Only use these if you are already in good shape since they are quite hard to use. 

The first step in having a good workout routine is the will to do so. Once you are set on your goals, any kind of equipment will be enough. Whether you buy one or all the things from our list, we are sure you will be able to pull off an effective workout once you have the inspiration to do so.