Modest Fashion has just escalated!

What comes to your mind when we say the word “abaya”? Wait, let us guess. Oh! Another woman forced to dress in a way she does not want to Right? Well that is how it was a few years ago, women all over the Muslim world were schooled at a really early age about the dos and donts of their clothing. Men on the other hand were given a free hand to dress however they want. But the tables have turned now! No more schooling to girls about shame and modesty, the modern world and feminism’ collaboration with the abaya brands have changed the way this modest fashion is seen now.

Gone are the days when the employers used to underestimate abaya clad women as they were perceived as the under confident and stupid women. Today, women in abaya and niqab are flying airplanes and breaking the stereotypes. All credit for this change of attitude and fashion goes to brands like Black Camels. Their extensive abaya design collection compels the modern women to bring a slight change in their style and be the diva that they are but in a modest way. In no way we mean to undermine the fashion sense of immodest women. We believe a woman who knows her spirits and worth is an unbreakable woman and you go girl! Be it in abaya or without abaya. We are in for all kinds of women!

Less is more!

Gone are the days when women liked to wear heavy formals with embellishments all over their dresses, today we like being elegant and delicate. And nothing brings more delicacy than the simplicity. The less is more fashion statement is embraced by a huge number of women all over the world particularly in the Muslim world. Their love for modesty and to stay in trend is what brings them to the brands like The Black Camels because who does abaya designs better than them? No one right?

Modesty in variety

Well, years ago modest clothing was quite in restricted range, there were a handful of a few designs and everybody out there was forced to follow the mainstream modest clothing. However, times have changed. today women have different standards of modesty and brands like The Black Camels are catering to them in their best possible way. A Muslim woman might think her hijab defines her modesty whereas for a Christian girl the definition of modesty is entirely different. Similarly, for one woman, wearing sleeveless shirts is not modest but for another one it just might be, as long as it covers her shoulders. For some women, a midi skirt may be what they prefer to wear for modesty while others may only opt for full length maxi skirts. So, no matter how a woman defines a modest outfit, it is simply about covering herself in a way that does not appear revealing to her and one in which she feels at ease. The point is, each woman has her own modest standards, the real winner today is the brand who can deal with all of them. 

Modesty is liberating

A huge misconception that I would like to remove here is that modest women are oppressed; they are not liberated or free to make their own decisions. Let me burst your bubble of ignorance, choosing to be modest is their own personal choice. That’s not something enforced on them. However, there is no denying to the fact that in some part of the world, women are still forced to dress in a certain way but not everywhere.

It has been widely seen that a lot of women who prefer modest fashion believe that their new dressing style has made them more confident and empowered than before. Women in abayas and women in hijabs have made their way to the news headlines for the remarkable work they are doing in the technological world or sports world, all the domains highly dominated by men. These women are not scared to own the ground and get what they have their eyes on. 

Liberalism is not limited to women’s clothing only. Just because you dress more provocatively, does not make you a “liberal’. Accepting others’ opinions, respecting their choices and letting them just the way they want is what makes the real liberal.

Modesty is boring

Its time you bid farewell to this thought because modest fashion is not boring at all. Again, all thanks to the Black Camels, they surely know how to be chic, loud, bold and yet modest. It’s pretty bizarre to see how modest fashion is linked with the restricted fashion. It can be as tasteful and as stylish as their counterparts, and it has been proven by the huge number of Muslim, Christian and Jewish fashion bloggers who are redefining the modest fashion world and evolving it.

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