Medical Treatments That Can Help You Lose Weight And Get Fitter

Want to Lose Weight In A More Non-Conventional Way?

While for some people sticking to a healthy diet regime and exercising regularly works, others may need a minor or major medical intervention. As we see progress in technology and what it can do for us, we are more prone to using it effectively for ourselves to make our work easier.

Weight loss surgeries and pills now hold an appeal to losing weight and are a popular choice for many people who do not want to spend a long time losing weight. These medical interventions still do require lifestyle changes for them to work effectively. Though, news has it that scientists are now working on what is called gene suppression surgery. This procedure can alter the genes which make you gain weight, therefore, you will be able to eat as much as you like and not gain weight.

That’s still far in the future. Let’s take a look at the medical treatments that are already available which can help you lose weight and get fitter in less time. 

Nutritional Therapy

A nutritionist takes into consideration your current diet and makes notes of it. They then study your diet and make necessary changes. They follow the latest science behind food nutrients and also consider your cultural preferences before making suggestions. They help you make better food choices by educating you about the different elements involved in the food you eat. They also teach you how to read food labels so you can pick food that best suits you. They try to understand your triggers that lead to overeating, coping with stress, and how to form positive thoughts about healthy food. 

Weight-Loss Pills

These are usually prescribed by a doctor to help a person lose weight. This is after they have analyzed that the regular methods like dietary changes and exercising have not resulted in weight loss. Weight loss pills reduce your appetite and make you full even when you eat smaller portions or consume lesser calories. They reduce the absorption of nutrients like fat and thereby further reduce the intake of calories. It also increases fat burning which makes you burn more calories than you usually do. Care should be taken while using these pills as they do have side effects too and cause gastrointestinal issues and other unwanted side effects.  


There are now both invasive and non-invasive surgical options available that can help you lose body fat quickly. Bariatric surgery helps remove or change a part of a person’s stomach or small intestine. This decreases their food consumption and also lowers their calorie intake. This further helps a person lose weight and avoid risks of weight-related diseases. On the other hand, LightRx liposuction is a minimally non-invasive treatment to help you lose fat in certain parts of your body. When a person gains weight, the fat cells present in their body increase in size and volume. Liposuction helps reduce the number of fat cells in specific areas. The resulting contour changes are usually permanent. It works best on people who have good skin tone and elasticity. 


In this procedure, the doctor inserts a thin tube equipped with a camera through the mouth into the digestive tract. By getting access to the digestive system, they can place special devices or medications directly into the gastrointestinal tract to limit the intake of food. As it is done without open surgery, this procedure carries more risk. However, medication is provided before the procedure to make the patients sleepy so they don’t feel uncomfortable. As compared to bariatric surgery which requires a long time to prepare, this option can be done within a day or in a couple of hours. 

Benefits of Maintaining Body Weight After Medical Treatments

While these new treatments help lose weight in less time, unfortunately, it is even more challenging to maintain the weight. Chances are with poor diet and health regimes, you could gain back the weight after a few years. It is important to incorporate lifestyle changes to increase the chances of maintaining a healthy weight.


Weight loss can promote many health benefits. You can get the benefit of low cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and have less stress on the heart too. Bones and joints too can remain strong and healthy when optimum weight is maintained. Our bodies have to endure a lot, and big weight is often a heavy burden for them. Though it requires long-term efforts and commitment to stay healthy and fit, you can enjoy the benefits of your body for a lifetime, and your body will be grateful.