Jewelry Box Ideas: How to Organize Your Accessories

You're never fully dressed without some stylish jewelry. But only if it's well-maintained and taken care of. Well, how do you keep your jewelry looking as if it were fresh out of the padded box every day?

A proper jewelry box, of course! Keep everything from necklaces to earrings safe and protected with these storage jewelry box ideas. Here are the best ways to organize your jewelry to maintain its original beauty.

Pull Out a Drawer

If you have many pieces of jewelry, you know how easily a collection can become cluttered. Sometimes displaying all of your pieces out in the open isn't an option. Prefer your jewelry out of sight?

Then a drawer organizer is your best option. You can dedicate an entire drawer—or a couple—to keeping your jewelry organized and out of the way. Use padded drawer organizers to separate earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

These organizers feature compartments of different sizes and are often customizable, so you can tailor them to your collection.

Use a Daily Dish

Sometimes going into a jewelry box can be a hassle, especially if you wear a few pieces in your collection more often than others. Separate your most worn pieces and display them in a tabletop dish.

A daily dish allows you to easily access the pieces you prefer to wear without having to pull out an entire jewelry box. Using this method, you can keep your more precious pieces locked away while your favorite pieces are within reach.

A Classic Jewelry Box

There may be many alternatives out there, but there's nothing wrong with the classic jewelry box. This storage method has been used for years, and it's not going away any time soon.

Now, there are so many styles of jewelry boxes that you're guaranteed to find the right method to organize your accessories, from large folding containers to simple wooden boxes.

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Hang Your Jewelry Like Art

Your jewelry is pretty—that's why you bought it, right? So why not display it like the art it is? You can go simple and use hooks and knobs to hand necklaces and bracelets.

Or you can opt for a wall jewelry organizer that matches your decor. These organizers can have more compartments so you can display earrings and rings too.

A good rule of thumb for hanging jewelry is not to hang anything very delicate. You don't want to risk it breaking if it falls or gets knocked off the hook.

Get Organized with These Storage Jewelry Box Ideas

Whether you're dressing up for a night out or dressing for a casual day running errands, your outfit needs a stylish piece of jewelry. But your finishing touch needs to be well-maintained to have the right impact.

So when you're not wearing your jewelry, you have to find a place to keep it safe. These alternative jewelry box ideas for storage will keep your jewelry looking fresh like the first time you wore it.

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