How To Work From Home: 7 Tips To Stay Productive

The ongoing pandemic is transforming the way people work and connect with employers. Workplaces are slowly shifting to permanent work from home mode, and employees are happier than ever before. With the passage of a few months working from home, many have concluded that it is even more challenging with a declining productivity rate. Working from an office has its cons, like time and money spent traveling, eating from outside, and lack of rest. It has some pros and likewise, working from home has a few advantages and disadvantages to its credit.


To help you turn the disadvantages and enable you to be more productive, we have put a to-do list in this article.


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Organize Your Workspace And Arrange It Neatly


One way to organize your workplace is to get the best dual monitor stand to maximize space. The traditional monitor stand takes up a lot of space, leaving only a little room for you to work. Therefore, getting a monitor arm will help arrange the desk and increase your productivity. Switching between tabs becomes easier when you can just check them in a second from the second and third monitors and save you some precious minutes. Add some file holders and hooks to keep the essential documents and things neatly arranged.


Get Optimum Hours Of Sleep And Rest


An adult must sleep for a minimum of eight hours to wake up fresh the next day. If you have insomnia or are compromising on your sleep to complete a deadline, you must take action to overcome them. Scientific studies conducted over decades with different groups of people have confirmed eight hours is a good amount of quality sleep. However, some only need about three to four hours of sleep. It varies from person to person. If you sleep for more than eight hours, you need not feel bad about it. Without proper sleep and rest, your brain will become foggy, and it will affect your work the next day.

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Maintain Strict Diet


It is highly tempting to order food from your favorite restaurant instead of cooking at home. All it takes is a click to get your Pizza on its way. It is essential to remind yourself to connect with your body. Remind yourself that you are already missing out on the much-needed exercise that you otherwise would have got if you were traveling to your office. Stuffing yourself with addictive junk food is as harmful as consuming slow poison and waiting for death. Owing to the pandemic, people are overeating to control their stress. Save yourself from being the next person to get a heart attack due to a sedentary lifestyle, start cooking your meals at home. That way, you will also check the amount of salt and ingredients used to prevent your blood pressure from rising.

Must Exercise For Thirty Minutes At Least


Some of your thirty minutes of exercise may sound like a cakewalk at first but believe me, and it is not. The idea is to become disciplined and stay consistent. You cannot go without exercise for six days a week and doing for hours on the seventh day. Not only will you be doing a massive disservice to your body, but you also risk getting severe injuries. Exercising will help in keeping your body physically active and burn calories.

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Set A Strict Routine Each Day


A significant challenge of working from home is too many distractions and too little accountability. Nobody is supervising you or keeping an eye on you. So that may tempt you to check in on social media or watch an episode of your favorite web series. One may also feel tempted to take a quick nap or call up an old buddy from high school. Therefore, psychologists suggest that following the same routine and timetable that you were following before will help your brain navigate through the day with ease.


Stick To Your Formal Wear


No matter how comfortable and dreamy it is to work in your PJs, it does not do any good. Contrary to that, it makes you feel even more sleepy and lazy during your working hours. So you can change to the regular formal wear that you used to wear before. Getting dressed before work will make your mind alert and prepare you for the day ahead.

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Connect Over Video Calls With Colleagues


Feeling lonely and frustrated while working all by yourself alone at home is natural and expected. It will start affecting your mental health, and cause depression and anxiety jeopardizing your life. To keep these illnesses at bay and continue working, arrange for informal group discussion calls and fun activities online with colleagues. Connecting is a basic need of humans, and doing this regularly will help you feel happy and inclusive.




You can choose the ones you liked from this list and start applying them right away. Or you can make your list that is best suited to your circumstances, but in either case, it will add to your overall happiness. Working from home is going to be the future of many industries, especially the ones involving software.