How to Spot Differences Between Men's and Women's Golf Equipment

While it may seem like the sport of the elite, golf has actually established itself as a versatile sport for everyone. Golf lovers come in all ages or genders and golf practice setup in countless shapes, and sizes. You can enjoy it alone or with the company of others. Going to the golf course is a great way to spend the day surrounded by outstanding greenery and the cool breeze. Like any sport, golf needs essential equipment to use, on top of which are the golf clubs. 

There are certainly numerous choices when you want to buy one. However, there are some key elements to help you make use of this golf necessity. Because most golf equipment can be similar, we’ve decided to take a closer look at the disparity between golf clubs for men and women.


Maintaining a solid grip on your golf club is a significant aspect to consider. Without a firm grip, shooting the ball will get tricky. A tight grip lets you take better control of the club, where your hands are working together to accumulate swing speed. This way, you can get a square angle that leads to precise shots. It’s commonly known that females tend to have smaller hands than males, meaning that their grips will be shorter. 

To suit the size difference, women’s golf drivers come with narrower shafts. There is a choice of installing a small-sized grip on a man’s driver if that fits you better.

Club Length

On average, American women are about five feet and three inches tall whereas men could reach five feet and ten inches in height. This creates a big difference while getting a golf club. According to golf enthusiasts at, the typical driver for women is usually an inch shorter than those of men. For taller women, it’s wise to use men’s clubs for a better golf experience. Plenty of women may want to get the extra distance with lengthier clubs by using men’s golf clubs.

Shaft Type

Graphite is normally used for women’s shafts. On the other hand, men have the option to choose from steel and graphite. The limitation of graphite in the women’s selection is to help decrease the overall weight of the club. As a result, this will enable them to swing at a higher speed and distance. Additionally, the amount of bend in the shaft has to cope with the swing’s force. 


For example, a guy swinging with a lot of velocities will need a sturdy shaft to avoid flexing. Ladies, however, make use of rhythm and timing rather than sheer power while taking a swing. This means that they’ll need a shaft that can bend to generate that power. Since there is a difference in the range of yardage gap between men and women, the shaft type should be taken into consideration. 


As said before, women’s clubs weigh less than men’s. The weight depends on a variety of factors, such as the shaft, grip, and clubhead. If all of them are lightweight, this results in an overall low weight of the golf club. Choosing the ideal weight of the club is an important step. It can also be controlled according to the other materials.


When it comes to beginners, flexibility is important. Not only are you out to enjoy your time, but you also want to worry less about handling your golf’s driver well. Women may probably have slower swing speed than men, so they’ll find flexible shafts more useful. Flexible shafts for ladies are named L-flex, and they can be easily controlled without training. On the other hand, the shafts labeled with A’s have less flexibility, but they can still do short swings. The shafts’ flex is a smart approach of the manufacturing companies, as it gives you a powerful grip without maximizing the probability of breakage.

When it comes to golf lovers, quality equipment is key. Many golfers seek the utmost experience, comfort, and enjoyment. With all the items in the market, it can be difficult to find what you want. Golf clubs have witnessed changes throughout the years. But if anything remains constant, it’s the need for their usage in the golf course. In the old days, women’s clubs were just a couple of inches shorter than men’s. 


Fortunately, nowadays, people get to find suitable clubs that tailor to their needs. This is because they have become more aware of the differences between the genders and how that affects their golf swing. By following this guide, we guarantee that you will find the perfect gold club for your next game.