How To Make A Blowout Hairstyle With The Least Cost

Blowout Definition: What You Should Know? 

You may ask "What is a blowout hair or what is a hair blowout?" Blow out hair can be defined as a hair service that gives your tresses a sleek style and voluminous look. You can also choose to add a straight hair look or even enhance soft curls. This is a service that is offered to customers at salons. 

The treatment usually comprises of a hair wash followed by a blowout with a round brush. Finally, it ends with touch-ups with a curling or a flat iron. Hair blowouts are offered by many salons or blowout bars that you can find in your area. The best advantage of blow out hair is that it instantly enhances the look of your hair with minimal use of equipment. 

You can find the most suitable blowout hairstyle and get it done for yourself. One of the biggest advantages of getting a blowout hair treatment is that you can manage your stress better. At the same time, it gives your hair a shiny appearance and makes it easy for you to look after. 

However, let's get real. Blowout hair treatment can be quite expensive depending on the type of salon or blowout bar you choose to visit. Hence, it is any day better to give your hair the pampering it needs. There are many different types of treatments including the Brazilian blowout at home which are easy to perform. Now you must get a basic understanding of “what is a blowout”, next we shall take a very detailed look into it in the upcoming sections. 


What is a Hair Blowout and its benefits

Though blowout hair treatments aren't new exactly since they date back to a few decades ago, they have again gained hype in recent times. However, it is quite true that the definition of blowout hair has changed a lot according to evolution. If you aren't aware of what is blowout hair, then we shall soon look into it.

 In the simplest terms, blowout definition can be termed as blow-drying and styling your hair using a round brush. At the same time, you can also end the treatment by adding a few curls or straight strands to your hair. Enhance your hair and add that glamorous look to every outfit. 

The process can take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the type of treatment you choose. Also, it depends on the type of your hair as well. If you are planning to get one done, then you can check at your nearest salon bars. A majority of the salons offer the service along with a blow out kit for natural hair. 

Now, we shall look at the amazing benefits of blowout hair. Even if you need a natural hair blowout or a curly one, there are many options that you can choose from. Before that, let's see what the treatment has in store for us. The biggest advantage of getting blow out hair is that is enriches your hair and makes it look beautiful. If you have strong curls, then the treatment will allow you to manage your hair better. 

Since the process involves to wash hair before haircut, it leaves your tresses clean and nice. Besides, the treatment is known to add volume to your hair as well. The process will last for about 3 days to a week which makes it worth the effort too. However, there aren't only blowout treatments for women, but today there are blowout hair men services as well. You don't need to wait for special events or occasions to get the blowout hair treatment done. They are perfectly suitable for dates, holidays, trips, honeymoons, proms, interviews or weddings too. 


How to give yourself a blowout at home?

Follow these simple steps if you need to know how to blowout hair right at the comfort of your home without having to spend a bomb at salons. Here we she discusses how to do a blowout on natural hair along with how to blow dry hair with round brush. 

Step 1: Get in the shower

The first step to getting a good blowout hair is to wet it before. Start with a shampoo and then a conditioner like you normally would. Apply the conditioner only at the length ends of the hair. As per a finding, the type or brand of shampoo and conditioner that you choose will have an impact on your blowout hair. The sure shot way to having a good hair blow out result starts in the shower. 

Step 2: Meet the basic requirements

In this step, we shall prepare our hair for the short hair blowout styles. Here we need to make sure that the hair is not soaking wet to perform the blow-dry. You will need to remove the extra moisture in the air so as to get the best end results. This step will ensure that your hair is exposed to less amount of heat. At the same time, this will also reduce the damage. As we all know that less amount of heat will prevent frizz too. Also, this will speed up your entire process time. 

Step 3: Heat protectant 

Once you remove all tangles from your hair, make sure to apply and rub on some heat protectant on your hair. Regular exposure to heat can cause irreversible damages to your hair. It can also result in split ends or frizzy hair thus giving you undesirable results. The main purpose of applying this heat protectant is that it forms a protective covering on your hair thus minimizing the damage. It does not matter if your hair type is straight, curly or wavy, but it is important that you protect your hair with heat protectant.  This will give you the best blowout before and after results. 

Step 4: Rough dry hair 

The next step to blowout hair is to dry your hair on medium heat. This should be done until your hair is about 60-70% dry. This wash and blow out method will generate excellent results that will easily last you a week. So if you ask how long do blowouts last, then the answer is minimum three days to a week. This depends in the hair type too. Rough drying of your hair can also be done using your fingers. Else, use the device on low heat and dry your hair. This is important before you start to work your hair in sections. Consider purchasing a quality cordless hair dryer for the job, check here the best list of it recommended by  

Step 5: Use right tools 

Now comes the actual work. Here you need to make sure to use concentrated nozzle and barrel brush to get salon like results. It is an important equipment that you need to use to allow air flow in your preferred direction. This is useful when you blow dry your hair at home. In order to achieve the perfect blowout, you need to use the right tools to achieve the best results. It is also known to add a shine and gloss to your hair as it makes the hair cuticle stay flat. 

Step 6: Section, style and glam 

Here you need to section or part your hair in about one-inch sections. You can use clips to secure your hair in place. Now dry every partition using the concentrator nozzle which will give your hair a smooth finish. If you have a round brush, roll your hair onto it and apply desired heat. Repeat the process with every section and make sure you give every section time. Also, if you wonder how long does a blowout take, then it can take anywhere from 45 mins to an hour. Besides, make sure that you never use the highest heat setting as that can damage your hair.

Step 7: Finishing cream 

Seal in enough moisture using finishing cream. Make sure to apply it at the length end of the hair. This will lock moisture and give your hair a clean finish. At the same time, this will also prevent frizz. Now that your DIY blowout at home is complete, enjoy your new hair. Glam, style and love your beautiful hair. 


Frequently Asked Hair Blowouts Questions 

  1. How does a blowout work? 

The process first involves washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. After it is dried a bit, apply hair protectant and make sections. This is where the actual process begins. Here, the hair is styled according to your choice and finally, touch-ups are added to give your hair volume. It also adds a gloss to your home. 

  1. How long do blowouts last? 

Depending on the texture of your hair, a blowout can last for about 3-5 days. There are also certain tricks that will help you to extend the blowout. 

  1. Are blowouts bad for your hair? 

Since hair dryers are the least damaging causing devices as compared to curlers or flat irons, they aren't exactly bad if done occasionally. However, extended styling can cause damages. 

  1. Tips to blowout hair
  • Apply heat protectant 
  • Make sure that your hair is maximum dry about 60-70%.
  • Use medium or low heat settings while using it on hair. 



In this article, we have discussed in detail about blowout hair and how you can do it right at home. If you are now interested in having flawless and beautiful hair, make sure to try it out today.