How to Get Rid of Old Furniture Items Before Moving?

Moving into a new location is an exciting adventure but it also comes with many challenges.

The most arduous task is packing, loading and unloading heavy furniture items like dining tables, couches, dressers, etc.

Fortunately, you can hire a professional moving company to take the burden off your shoulder and to offer yourself some peace of mind. Visit and request a quote.

However, if you are performing a DIY move, there is no need to pack and move old, unwanted and broken furniture items that are just adding clutter to your life and are taking some valuable space.

Herein, we are sharing some ideas to purge old furniture items:

  • Donate it

Donating furniture items that you no longer need is a great way to get rid of excess things.

Many charity organisations like GIVIT, Starting Over Support, Salvos and Anglicare in Perth accepts bulky furniture items such as bed or dressers if they are in good condition

Furniture donation comes with a host of perks like less moving costs, eco-friendly options and tax benefits.

  • Organise a yard sale

Want to put some extra cash in your wallet?

If yes, hold a garage sale.

A garage sale offers you the perfect opportunity to purge used furniture items and earn well.

To make your sale event successful, follow a few tips:

  • Advertise your event
  • Make the event look attractive
  • Display clean and polished items
  • Choose weekends 
  • Offer good deals and discounts to your potential customers 
  • Be willing to negotiate
  • Giveaway

If the above ideas don’t appeal to you, give your furniture items to your friends or family members who might need a bed, dining table or sofa set.

You can even reach thrift shops that are usually looking for furniture.

Yes, these options will not bring you money but will save you from the huge moving expenses.

  • Use online platforms

Internet is the most powerful tool that can save you from the hassle of selling 

your unwanted furniture items out of your home to the street. 

Some of the online platforms to advertise or sell your stuff are:


  • Craigslist: Most convenient and the fastest online marketplace to get rid of the items you no longer need.


  • Freecycle: This source allows you to exchange items free of charge within your society. 


  • Facebook: Best social media platform for buying and selling items.


  • MyDeal: Popular among Australian shoppers where you can sell bulkier items such as sofas, dining tables and mattresses.

Haul it to the landfill


If you have a bunch of broken and damaged furniture items that you can’t sell or donate, haul them to the dump yard or landfill.

Depending on your state rules and policies, most landfills will accept your old furniture for free or charge a nominal fee for it.

It might be difficult for you to carry the furniture to the dump yard, so it’s better to take the help of hauling services.

In the end…

Getting rid of overused or unwanted belongings not only makes moving easier but also restricts you from beginning on the wrong foot in your new location. 


After all, a new home should not have piles of unwanted junk.


Good luck with moving!