How To Find A Good Life Coach Near Me

Choosing a certified life coach online is a pivotal step in personal improvement. There are a lot of resources out there, so it's important to pick the right one. Here are some tips to help you choose a good life coach near you.

Get a Referral

One of the first things to do to pick a life coach mentor near me is to get a good referral. You can ask your close friend or family member about a particular coach and they'll be able to tell you their personal experience. You'll have a real assessment and you'd trust someone you actually know first and foremost. 

Look at Online Reviews

Another method of finding a life coach mentor near me is gauging online reviews. Here are some of the things to see:

  • Look at review sites like Yelp
  • Get an idea of whether a coach is good or not due to the ratings of the coach
  • Find out what coaches near you have positive recommendations
  • Can look at reviews on your mobile device

Free Consultation

Another good thing about finding a local life coach is getting a free consultation. Here are some of the positives:

  • You'll be able to see if this a person that you can work with for the long-term
  • They'll get to know you and learn about your needs
  • You can meet multiple coaches before you make your decision on the right one
  • You have a chance to see what different coaches offer and if it fits your purpose

Find Out Their Background

Learning their background is a crucial element because you need to know their qualifications. Did they attend a reputable university with good programs and even go further with certifications? If the coach didn't learn their craft in school, were they able to attend networking events or get training from professionals? 

Putting Forth Effort

If there was a development coach near me, I'd see if they actually want to get to know me a bit first before getting to the business of the meeting. I would gauge how attentive the person is, the type of questions asked, and their sincerity. Additionally, I'd check to see if they share things that make them more relatable on a human level.  

By testing the waters, you'll see which coach is the best for you and your endeavors.