How to Ensure Your Air Conditioner Functions at Its Peak

The summer is the perfect time to hit the beach, fire up the grill, and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, it is also the season of soaring temperatures and stifling humidity, and if you live in a hot country, an air conditioner is a key gadget for your home. Air conditioners can enable you to control the temperature, reduce the humidity, and remove nasty pollutants and allergens from your inside air. There are various issues, however, which can prevent your air-con unit from working properly that's why you should hire HVAC system repair services.

To help everyone have a comfortable summer here is how to ensure your air conditioner functions at its peak.

1. Hire a Reliable Servicing Company

Even if you are handy with a screwdriver, air conditioners are very complex machines and it can be potentially dangerous to attempt to inspect or repair one yourself. The folks at this website explain that it is always advisable to hire a reliable servicing company because they will know which issues to look for and will be able to conduct maintenance safely. There are many air conditioner issues that are easily fixed by an experienced electrician in Riverstone but which can become major problems if they are not addressed correctly.
Attempting to repair or service an air conditioner yourself can not only put yourself in danger, you could also end up damaging the machine by doing the wrong thing. 

2. Look After the Filters

One of the single most important elements of an air conditioner is the filters because they are what cleans the air which is then released back into your home. There are a huge number of nasty pollutants and allergens which can contaminate your inside air and which can lead to various health issues for yourself and your loved ones. Mold, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and various other particles can cause allergy and respiratory problems if your filters are not doing their job properly. 

Always have your filters inspected and replaced regularly, and if you notice that you have a sore throat or other common flu symptoms, have a professional check that the filters are up to scratch. It may just be a matter of cleaning them or they may need replacing altogether. 

3. Check Strange Sounds Immediately

Strange sounds are a very common problem with air conditioner units, and while they are often not a cause for concern, they can sometimes point to a bigger underlying problem. If you hear an odd knocking sound coming from your air conditioner, it may be some loose tubing that the fan blades are hitting on their way round. Another common sound is the vibrations of the outside part of the unit vibrating on its metal stand or bracket. 

One easy way to fix this is to put rubber pads underneath the outside box to absorb its vibrations and act as a sound dampener. Some air conditioner units are noisier than others, and if yours is excessively loud, you may want to think about replacing it with a quieter one. The most important thing is that if there is a noise that really doesn’t sound great, call in the professionals from heating repair Henderson so they can fix any issues before they escalate.

4. Keep the Condenser Coils Clean

The condenser coils are another very important element of your air conditioning unit as they are the mechanism that actually cools the air. They work by extracting heat from your inside air, releasing that heat outside, and then releasing cool air back in. If these coils get dirty, however, they are unable to work as they should. This is a problem that often occurs in major cities where there are high levels of air pollution. 

The extra pollutants mean that the coils can get clogged up, and also have to work overtime which can cause other damage to your unit. Keep the area surrounding the outside part of your air conditioning system clear of plants and other obstacles so that there is uninterrupted airflow and also clean the unit regularly so that the coils remain spick and span.

A quality air conditioner can be the main difference between a comfortable home and one that is borderline unlivable. Especially when the weather starts heating up, ensuring that your air conditioner is working properly is crucial. Follow these four tips and your air conditioning unit will be functioning at its peak whenever you need it. The most important thing to remember is that fiddling with an air conditioner unit if you don’t know what you are doing can not only damage the machine, it can also put you in serious danger.