How To Choose The Right Bong For Your Needs

So, you’re in the market for a new bong. An enviable position to be in indeed.

Whether it’s your 15th bong or your first, it’s hard to rein in the unbridled enthusiasm you feel as you peruse the selection of bountiful beakers and tantalizing tubes. You picture your first hit as the pillowy smoke billows up the glass towards your lips. You can almost taste it.

But wait. With so many options, how are you ever going to narrow down the choices and find the smoking receptacle that was crafted just for you? We feel you. But fear not. By the time you finish reading this primer, you’ll be able to shop with confidence and purchase the perfect pipe for all your puffing pleasures. There is some high-quality Scooby doo bong that helps you chill.

Bong Size

First things first, size matters. When it comes to choosing a bong size, you need to think about your priorities. Let’s keep it simple and break it down into three categories.

  • Small – typically 6 inches or less
  • Medium – typically 6-12 inches
  • Large – 12 inches and beyond

Advantages of a small bong

Baby bongs are all about portability. If you’re the type that can’t leave home without it, then a mini bong is for you. Of course, the small size will produce smaller hits, but that's the trade-off for being able to discreetly stuff this baby into your backpack or tote bag and be on your way.

The standard medium bong

The 6-12-inch bong is the most common height. It’s still small enough to fit into a backpack if you need it to, but big enough to pack a potent punch. We could call it the all-around bong.

Large and in charge

Anything over 12 inches is on the bigger side of bong town. These bongs are homebodies and like to set up shop on a coffee table or shelf. They’re like smokable trophies. They’ll produce enormous hits, and you’ll be happy that you’re in the comfort of your own home. 

Bong Style

The style of your bong also plays an essential role in the type of toke you’re looking for. Three of the most common kinds of bongs are:

  • Straight tube
  • Beaker
  • Recycler

Straight tube

This is probably the most common style of the bong. It’s simple yet sophisticated and gets straight to the point. The simplicity of the shape makes them super easy to clean, providing a hassle-free smoking solution. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

Beaker style

The beaker-style bong is shaped like, you guessed it, a beaker. It’s like grade seven science class all over again but without the lab coats. Unless, of course, lab coats are your thing. If you prefer your bong tokes to take their time accumulating into a giant cloudy mass and then erupting into your lungs like a geyser, then the beaker bong is for you.

The recycler

The most environmentally friendly of the bong bunch, the recycler courteously recycles water in its two-chamber system to produce a supremely smooth and filtered toke. These cool gadgets are fun to smoke out of and just as fun to watch. The smoke first travels to the bottom chamber, where it mingles with the water before it heads up the intake step to the top chamber, where the vapor is released, and the water falls back down to the bottom to complete the recycling process.


Bong Materials

Even more important than the shape are the materials that it's made of. The water bong concept has been around for thousands of years, and the evolution is impressive. The four major types are:

  • Borosilicate glass
  • Silicone
  • Ceramic
  • Glycerin coil

The almighty glass bong

Everyone loves a transparent glass bong. The water bubbles, the smoke rises, and the lips quiver with anticipation. It's a beautiful thing. Most glass bongs these days are made with borosilicate glass, which is much stronger than regular glass and tolerates heat a lot better. Glass bongs are great because they are easy to clean and produce a clean-tasting hit. The downside is they are breakable. Just ask any stoner ever.

The sturdy silicone bong

Unlike glass bongs, you can beat these things to a pulp. If you're accident-prone, careless, or simply like to throw things around, then this is your product. These bongs come in some funky colors and designs and are super easy to clean, as they are dishwasher safe. They are also more affordable than glass bongs. However, most smokers find the taste inferior to that of a glass bong.

The classic ceramic bong

Ceramic bongs are OG, having been around for centuries. These classics are pretty and take heat well while providing a nice neutral toke. They also make great wall candy.

The futuristic glycerin coil bong

Glycerin coils are a part of the bong that freeze quicker and stay frozen longer than water. They are in the chamber, and by the time the smoke runs the gauntlet through the icy coils, you're ready for the smoothest hit imaginable.


Hopefully, we've covered the bases, and you now have a better idea of which type of bong is right for you. There is no right or wrong choice, and after a little experimentation, you'll quickly learn what kind of style you enjoy.