How Light Therapy Can Help Bodybuilders

The red light technology has been developed considerably over the period. No one knew about the benefits of light therapy when NASA administered this therapy on astronauts to heal muscle wounds rapidly. Now, in the year 2021, light therapy is benefitting in various aspects of health and mental conditions. After conquering the mental health and skincare industry, light therapy is now used by bodybuilders due to its outstanding merits. In the following article, we are going to talk about how and why bodybuilders are now keen on associating light therapy with their everyday routine.

How Does Light Therapy Work for Muscle Building?

Every living being requires some degree of cellular activities for living. The powerhouse of a cell is mitochondria. Mitochondria respond to a certain wavelength of light and boost cellular activity. The ultimate function of this cellular organ is to produce energy, reduce stress, and even repair the tissue system. We know for a fact that muscle tissues contain a higher density of mitochondria in their cells. When light therapy is administered, the increasing cellular function provides measurable results and helps muscle building effectively.

Impacts of Light Therapy on Muscle Growth

When a human body is exposed to red or near-infrared wavelengths of light, this essentially penetrates the skin, muscle, and joint tissue. While these cells are absorbing the light wavelength, their function increases greatly. Exposure to light frequents the production of collagen protein, elastin protein, and energy. These proteins help in restoring cellular growth and anti-aging. At the same time, the additional energy enables a person to perform at a heightened level. A study has shown that people who received light therapy after a training session can gain 50% more muscle growth than others. Another study proved that a 12% performance boost could be achieved due to receiving light therapy. More researches are being conducted in this area, and almost all of them are showing great results with positive outcomes.

Reasons to Consider Light Therapy for Muscle Building

From ancient times, people have known the several benefits of light in their life. Although, building a controlled device is a fairly new technology. Despite that, it has shown significant promises and benefits. Let’s discuss some of the amazing benefits of light therapy in muscle gaining.

Increase in Testosterone and Energy

Our body is highly affected by light. When a person is exposed to light, it helps our body to regulate metabolism, adrenaline, testosterone, and various other vital functions. But there are places where exposure to natural light can be really problematic. And one may not have the energy or time to seek the optimum place to expose themselves to natural light. In such cases, red light therapy can assist significantly. Within a short period of time, it can help the user to receive the benefit of natural light within the home’s comfort. 

Reducing Body Fat

Body fat can be real trouble in building muscles. It hinders progress by squeezing the muscles in the body. However, Brazilian scientists from the Federal University of Sao Paulo have demonstrated significant positive results in reducing body fat with the help of light therapy. Additionally, the experiment also proved to increase skeletal muscle mass on the test subjects.

Healing of Muscle Injuries and Joints

Aging, repetitive motion, or injuries can cause muscle fatigue and tissue damage. This can significantly decrease the ability to exercise, therefore muscle building. But red light therapy can be beneficial in solving such conditions. It triggers the body’s natural response and accelerates the process. It also triggers cellular growth that delays the aging process. One can expect to gain faster relief from pain and recovery from light therapy. Moreover, symptoms of arthritis and muscle soreness are also reduced by exposure to red light.

Reduction in Muscle Recovery Time

The muscle fibers take a considerable time to recover and gain strength after a challenging workout. Various nutrients can enhance the process of recovery. Additionally, red light can be a great agent in this process. Red light activates the mitochondrial function that enables the body to reach the peak condition of the body within a short period of time. 

Increase in Muscle Strength

Red light therapy provides the body cells energy. This can significantly increase the cellular activity and growth of muscle. Also, the production of new cells can get a substantial boost due to this therapy. As a result, the muscle density is increased, which results in strengthening the body. A study conducted by Australian and Brazilian scientists agreed with this phenomenon. They decided that red light therapy was effective in reducing fatigue levels and increasing muscle performance.

Stress Relief

Red light therapy has been proven to reduce oxidative stress effectively. Oxidative stress can be pretty destructive for our body and mental health. It promotes the production of antioxidants in our body which benefits largely in lifting mood and other bodily functions. This essentially helps a person to go on their life with an exceptional energy boost. A bodybuilder needs to be under constant regulation all the time. Let’s be honest; no one ever finds all of their days like sunshine and rainbows. Red light therapy may not be able to make your day brighter magically. However, it can energize you to get up and be prepared to face the upcoming challenge that awaits.


With a view to the above article, it’s safe to say that Red light therapy can be very helpful in the bodybuilding industry. One can also gain a certain edge over their competitors with light therapy’s help. If a person is serious about the activity he’s involved in, he needs to go through a strict routine. Red light therapy can be largely beneficial in providing this motivation. It is an investment for your body which you have only one. And with an exposure of 5-10 minutes, you’ll see a noticeable improvement.