Here's How To Prevent And Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Here's How To Prevent And Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Often, people only construe pollution to mean industrial and, as such, outdoors and far away from residential areas but fail to understand that there could be a lot of pollution ongoing in your home. This means that there could be air pollution in your home and outdoors, and you may not completely comprehend the reasons why. Many factors contribute to polluting the air in your home; the occupants of your house could bring it in, or it could be self-inflicted, like when you mistakenly burn your toast. Sometimes, many things we do constitute air pollution in the home, but we may not realize it in time. 

Here are some ways to prevent and reduce indoor air pollution provided you are alert and self-aware.


As much as you can, avoid smoking at home as this emits a lot of things and generally pollutes the air. Smoking cigarettes emit particles that settle everywhere, which may be harmful to occupants of the house, especially children who tend to play on the floor. It can also be harmful to people who have a record of lung diseases. To put it simply, particles from cigarettes, whether regular or electronic, could pollute your home, and it would be wise to keep your home cigarette-free.


Inadequate ventilation could be the causal factor for air pollution in your home. As much as it is easy on the eyes to have a place with the proper chairs and bookshelves, and other pieces of equipment, it is also pertinent to consider ventilation when you are looking to acquire new household equipment. You do not need a crowded home as this could encourage stale air or the lack of airflow completely. The professionals from filterbuy.com/ point out that better ventilation would include using quality air filters, opening windows to allow free flow of air, or clearing out clogged air systems. Checking and fixing water leaks will also aid proper ventilation as this could cause molds that are harmful to people. Ventilation is similarly important in the kitchen and bathrooms as these are spots that tend to be humid due to fumes and vapor. It would be advisable to install fans to reduce the humidity levels in the kitchen. Check out what companies that help insulate and ventilate for windows Bristol

Cleaning Agents

When cleaning a house, most people tend to use certain products that contain harmful ingredients. Another factor that contributes to indoor pollution is the various cleaning agents used in the house if these products are employed regularly. They could be pungent and harsh, which could cause or trigger reactions in people who have breathing problems or children. Apart from causing triggers, it could facilitate inflammation and hinder proper breathing for people with sensitive lungs and skin reactions for people with allergies. It is best to use cleaning agents that are mild and soft.

Pet Care

For many people who own pets that are indoor pets, it may be shocking to know that your pet may be causing air pollution in your home. As much as it is endearing to own pets and have them run around the house, remember to give them their baths timeously to avoid unpleasant smells that may disrupt the fresh airflow in the home. You should also restrict them from sleeping in your bed or on couches because they most likely have mites or pet dander.

Regular Cleaning

There can only be clean and fresh airflow with regular cleaning. Cleaning floors and surfaces aid in purifying the house's air, which includes vacuuming rugs and mopping stained floors. Rugs and carpets also constitute pollution, and if you cannot get rid of them, regular cleaning is the way to go. Cleaning includes regular washing of bed covers and sheets as many dust and particles accumulate over time. It also includes closing the trash can when in use and taking out the trash at regular intervals so that there is minimal emission which is harmful. As much as possible, avoid the use of scented candles or heavy air fresheners that tend to conceal bad smells so that you can identify bad smells when they are present.  

Clutters also have a way of polluting the air and bringing dust to surfaces and chairs. So getting rid of clutters and clearing out the house improves air quality and will eliminate air pollution. Warming cars in the garage before driving out may also constitute air pollution as the vehicle emits a lot of harmful carbon dioxide when inhaled in large quantities. All of these are ways to improve the air condition and reduce air pollution.