Gold vs. Silver: The Best Metal for Your Skin Tone

If you're wondering about which type of jewelry will look best on you, it's important to know how gold vs. silver appears on your skin tone. For example, there would be little point purchasing 22k gold jewelry for yourself if your skin tone matches with silver.

If you're wondering about which type of jewelry will look best on you, it's important to know how gold vs. silver appears on your skin tone.

Read on to discover which type of jewelry will look amazing on you, and why one might be more flattering than the other.

Figure Out Your Skin Tone

Before you purchase that new ring or some sterling silver necklaces, you need to determine what type of skin tone you have. You'll want to figure out whether you have warm or cool skin undertones.

Start by shining a light directly over the veins in your wrist. If they appear to be a blue or purple color, then you have cool undertones. If they're yellow or green, your skin tone is warm and if you can't see your veins at all, then your skin tone is neutral.

Another simple way to determine your skin tone is to wear a white shirt. If you look "washed out," your skin has cool undertones but if you look healthy and tanned, your skin has warm undertones.

People with light blonde or light brown hair tend to have cool skin tones, while those with dark brown, black, or caramel blonde hair typically have warm skin tones. Those with red hair may have cool, warm, or neutral skin tones. If you tan easily, you probably have warm undertones, while those with cool undertones are much more likely to get sunburn.

Gold vs. Silver for Your Skin Tone: Why It's Important

You may wonder why you should consider gold vs. silver when choosing jewelry. Perhaps you love colorful precious stones or you simply adore the idea of sporting a sparkling gold necklace. Overall, you can decide which type of jewelry looks best on you, but it doesn't always work out the way you'd planned. 

Whenever you wear gold or silver jewelry, it tends to rest directly against your skin. This creates a stark contrast between the color of the metal and your actual skin tone, and it can be quite noticeable.

It won't necessarily look horrible if you choose a piece of jewelry that doesn't compliment your skin tone. However, when you choose the right option, it will definitely look stunning and much more visually appealing.

The Best Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

Those with cool skin undertones look best wearing light, white metal like platinum, silver, or white gold. People who have warm skin tones look incredible with yellow gold, rose gold, copper, or brass. People with a neutral skin tone can easily wear both (if this applies to you, you're in luck!).

Thankfully, white gold jewelry is an option if you prefer gold but have cool skin tones. As for precious stones, anything in a blue, green, or deep purple color is best. Stones or beads in light shades of pink, ice blue, and light purple are also great choices.

If you have warm skin undertones, try red rubies, or stones in a pale yellow hue. Those with neutral skin tones will look fabulous wearing stones in colors like bright white or navy blue.

How to Wear Gold

If you adore yellow gold, choose pieces that will match your outfit. An earthy-colored ensemble looks amazing with bright gold statement pieces like a chunky necklace or a pair of earrings.

A simple and classic chain necklace looks fantastic with virtually anything you wear, and it's versatile enough to transition from day to night. If you have your heart set on gold jewelry but your skin is cool-toned, stick with rose gold or white gold rather than yellow.

You can also wear makeup that enhances your gold jewelry, even if you have cool skin. Try a bold lip in a rich red, coral, or bright pink color to balance with the gold you wear. Warm-toned eyeshadows can also enhance your look by drawing out the natural warmth of your skin.

How to Wear Silver

Silver is a versatile option when it comes to jewelry. This metal looks best on those with cool skin tones, and it comes in every style imaginable.

Wear cool-toned clothing or something in a nice metallic fabric if you want to enhance your look while wearing silver jewelry. A nice pair of hoop earrings and some gorgeous silver cocktail rings are great options.

As for the colors of makeup you wear, try a beautiful icy nude or lavender lip color if you have warm undertones. A variety of pinks look best on those who have a fair complexion and want to wear silver. Cool-toned eyeshadows in rich jewel colors will bring out the natural coolness of your skin.  

In the end, it all comes down to finding the pieces of jewelry that you truly love. You can have some fun and experiment by mixing and matching different metals and styles until you find the look that's right for you.

Your Jewelry Makes a Statement

When it comes to gold vs. silver, there is no wrong or right answer as to which option you should wear. However, picking the right type of metal for your skin tone will enhance your look and give you a beautiful way to express yourself in style.

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