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Gift Guide: What To Give Someone Who Loves To Bake

Baking is a hobby of many people, even those who aren’t a fan of cooking in the first place. If you know someone who loves spending their time in the kitchen mixing ingredients to serve a delicious pastry and you’re looking to bring them a gift, here are a few ideas that might help. 

Kitchen Scale and Measuring Cups

A great gift for bakers, especially for baking newbies, would be a kitchen scale or measuring cups. The most essential rule when baking or cooking, in general, is to be mindful of the quantities of each ingredient as the amount of each ingredient makes a big difference in both the texture and taste of the food. Measuring the volume of your ingredients is important because they come in different shapes and sizes. That said, it is actually more important to weigh the ingredients as almost every ingredient has different measures per cup.

Baking Subscription Box

A baking subscription box is a package received monthly that contains different baking tools and dry ingredients that are pre-measured for the month’s recipe. The cooks and bakers over at say that having the baking subscription box delivered saves time and effort of having to go for yourself and search for ingredients that are unusual or hard to find. These boxes make an incredible gift for your baker friend as there are boxes for bakers of all levels and expertise, as well as boxes for all age groups.

Airtight Kitchen Containers

A good baker knows that if some ingredients are exposed to air, the ingredient changes their texture and affects the taste of the food later on. For some ingredients, getting exposed to air will get the food to moisten easily and result in spoilage so you are left with nothing but to throw the food out. Giving your baker friends a set of airtight containers for their ingredients make for a great gift as these containers are something they most certainly need. You can find those containers in many shapes and sizes which are great for different types of ingredients.

Kitchen Conversions Chart

Another option perfectly fit for baking lovers is a kitchen conversions chart. Those charts are important for professional bakers as well as beginners who need help in understanding kitchen measurements well. A kitchen conversion chart is a chart that presents units of measurements with the exactly measured amount equivalent to another unit of measurement. Having this chart will make for the baker to easily understand the measurement of different ingredients in many recipes. You can have the chart framed to be hung in the kitchen as a gift for your friend or relative who loves to bake.

Food Processor and/or Kitchen Mixer

Adding a kitchen mixer to the kitchen is a great aid and saves a lot of time. Kitchen mixers can be used in preparing the ingredients of many recipes which makes the preparation process better and faster compared to using hand mixers and normal whisks. These mixers are used as flat paddles to mix cake batters, and mixing and folding in of baking ingredients to form a batter or a dough. They are also used to whisk cake components like egg whites and creams in a few seconds, while hand mixers and whisks take a longer time to do those tasks. As powerful as the kitchen mixer is, it can also be used to knead the dough for as long as you want it to, saving you the time and effort that you put into kneading with your hands.

Another favorable kitchen addition would be a food processor. Most of the time, blenders cannot actually grind leaves because their blades aren’t sharp enough, unlike food processors which are designed for chopping food. Food processors are capable of grinding solid food without adding liquid to it, like nuts or doughs, and even crush biscuits for a cheesecake crust in just a few seconds.

Both the food processor and the kitchen mixer save time as they finish tasks that take blenders and hand mixers a few minutes to complete. This kitchen equipment also gives out better results than any other options you have. Both machines bought together or separately can be a great gift for a lover of baking.

kitchen apron

Kitchen Apron and Silicone Holders

A simple and cute gift for your baker friend would be a kitchen apron alongside silicone holders. Kitchen aprons are a necessity in the kitchen to keep your clothes dry and clean. Gifting someone who loves baking a new apron with a cute drawing or design is great on its own or could better be paired with something else. Silicone holders would make a great gift for someone who frequently bakes as it's something the bakers will most necessarily use.

The previously mentioned options are great gifts to give to anyone who is a fan of baking. Although you really know what gift or item they will like, make sure that the person you are gifting doesn’t already have that specific item before you purchase anything.