Embrace The Brighter Days Ahead With These Summer Gift Ideas

Hard as it may be to believe, we have finally put winter in our rear-view mirrors, and while we may have the rains of spring to get through yet, we can definitely start looking ahead to that brilliant sunshine and time spent outdoors. What’s more, as the vaccine programme starts to roll out and we start to see restrictions being eased all over the world, we can also look forward to actually getting outside in the months ahead, which definitely opens up a whole new avenue when it comes to gift giving.

Because let’s face it, it has been a little tough to keep that creativity and inspiration flowing when we’ve all be stuck inside waiting for things to get better. There are only so many rice cookers and Blu-ray boxsets you can give before it all starts feeling a little stale. With the sunshine coming in, however, there’s a whole new range of options. 

Still, we all need a little help with gift giving every now and again, especially if your friend or loved one is one of those difficult to buy for types. You know the ones, the people who somehow already have everything you would think to get them, or always end up being very polite about your gift but end up putting it in the back of the cupboard until there’s the right occasion. So, to help you nail that birthday or anniversary gift this summer, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Get Them Outdoors And Exercising With Some New Work-Out Gear

It seems fair to say that a lot of us are now very well-acquainted with our gym or yoga mats, and as the weather improves, we are all looking forward to taking our exercise routines out of the living room and away from in front of the TV. We certainly don’t want to throw any shade at all the brilliant home fitness videos and apps that have kept us going but you know what? It’s time to get outdoors

If the person you’re buying for is looking to stretch those legs and get some fresh air in those lungs, how about a new pair of trainers to get them off on the right foot? If you’re not fully convinced that the good weather is here to stay, a sweat-wicking waterproof windbreaker will keep them covered no matter what. Or, if you really want to give them some motivation, a smart watch linked to a fitness app will get their competitive nature going!

Look Forward To Some Downtime Outside With New Vape Flavours

Being outside is not all about getting a sweat on. Let’s face it, the winter was brutally tough on all of us, and frankly just sitting in the park or on the beach with our friends and loved ones sounds pretty great right about now. When you are packing for a sunny day out with your friends, you always need to make sure you have the essentials. You want some good food, some good drinks, a rug (because god knows you can never trust the grass to be dry or the sand to stay out of your clothes), and you need to make sure that you have enough sub-ohm liquid for your vape device with you.

If you’re looking for a gift for the friend who has everything, a fresh supply of their favourite vape liquid is always a strong choice. Or why not treat them to something new? There’s an amazing range of different flavours available, so you can give them something fruity with flavours like Banana Rama, treat the java fiend with a coffee flavour, or go classic with menthol. Aquavape has a great selection available, as well as devices and replacement parts, and they are available here

Treat Them To A De-Stressing Pamper Treatment

We have all had the experience of being given a gift voucher for something that we don’t really want, but let’s face it: is there anyone out there who would say no to a little pampering right now? We’ve been inside cutting our own hair and doing yoga after work for months now, and with restrictions lifting and stores re-opening, it is time to go and see a professional. 

Look around at businesses near you to book your friend in for a proper hair treatment at a salon. Keep an eye on hotel spas opening back up for any friends and loved ones who enjoy a good steam. Or, if you know that the person, you’re shopping for has struggled with their joints, spine or muscles over the last few months, then book them in for an orthopaedic treatment or massage. 

Working from home has not had a positive effect on our posture, and that’s putting it lightly, so going to see a proper massage therapist to go to work on those knots is a must for us all.