Dog Nutrition Tips: What (And How Often) To Feed A Dog

So, you are trying to find how to feed your dog. Feeding your dog doesn't have to get complicated. You need to make crucial decisions to ensure your dog consumes the right food at the right time. First, you need to understand that proper nutrition is one of the basic needs of a dog. While most people will go for the brand while purchasing the dog's food, you have to check on that meal's nutritional value before giving it a try. Dog foods from InnovetPet can be a great choice for you in that case. You also need to understand the worst foods for your dog and the recommended time to feed it. Does it seem complicated? This blog will make it easier. Read on for the details.

Which Food Types Are Best For Dogs?

Currently, there are hundreds of dog food brands, and the list keeps on growing. This situation means choosing the right dog food can get quite challenging. Most of these brands have the Association of American Feed Control Officials –AAFCO label, showing the package is complete and balanced for your dog. But does it sustain your dog's nutritional needs? Not all of them do since they aren't created equal. As stated in this article, the dog's food needs to be well-balanced and must have the right ingredients to boost its health and well-being. Less of this won't be worth purchasing. 

There are two main factors you need to consider when choosing the right food for your dog. First, you need to narrow down the priorities then consider what your dog needs. 

In narrowing down priorities, you need to consider how important it is to feed your dog with natural, healthy feeds. If you think this is important, get your dog some natural foods or a therapeutic diet. You can also consider preparing the same meals at home. Next, you have to consider the cost of the meal. Is it within your budget? Best meals for dogs are priced highly. This means you have to set a proper budget to purchase meals that will satisfy your dog's needs. You can act smart here by exploring online dog feed options on vitalpetstore.com to buy food at a reasonable price. Lastly, on priorities, you have to consider the time required to prepare the meals.

When considering your dog, most picky dogs will choose canned foods or some sumptuous homemade diets. If having overweight dogs, then you can consider special diets, including veterinary and special home-cooked diets.  Like people, dogs desire for their pets to be healthy and happy. That is why so many individuals are seeking low sodium dog food.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Several factors determine the amount of food to give to your dog. Some of these factors include the dog's age, health and body condition, activity level, and calories and nutrients found in the meal. The more concentrated a meal is, the less you should give to your dog and vice versa. If stranded on this, there are several apps and physical scales which will help you measure the proper meal for your dog. It is also essential to discuss the same with your vet, depending on the dog's weight and health condition. 

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Do not feed your dog too often or exceed the maximum time. Most dog experts recommend feeding an adult dog two times daily. A meal a day might be a long time for an active dog. If having puppies, you can check out the best foods for puppies and feed them three to six times a day, depending on their growth stage and physical level. Some will need more food when their sugar levels are low. It is also crucial to discuss the same with your vet on when and how to feed your pet. 

Which Dog Bowl Is Recommended?  

Your dog will need something to be feeding on. Dog experts do not recommend plastic bowls. Why is it so? Plastic bowls, depending on the material, can cause rashes and itching to the dog, especially in highly sensitive or allergic dogs. The plastic bowl might also conceal germs and bacteria which might harm the dog. The best-recommended dog bowl is the metallic or ceramic bowl which shouldn't have sharp edges and must be easy to clean. It is essential to get two bowls, one for food and the other for water. 

Foods To Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Like humans, dogs are open to eat anything they are given or can find. It is essential to bypass some types of feed as they can create health issues. Foods to avoid for your dog include grapes, chocolate, onions, alcoholic foods and drinks, caffeine-infused foods and drinks, yeast dough, macadamia nuts, salty foods, fatty foods, and other related types. 

Also, not all human food is safe for dogs. You can offer your dog unseasoned food, including lean meats and plain vegetables, for its well-being. Some of the best foods include beef, chicken, turkey, beans, sweet potatoes, apples, and bananas.

To ensure your dog stays healthy and in good shape, you have to give it the proper meals at the right time. We have highlighted some crucial tips you can use in feeding your dog. It is essential following them to the latter while seeking advice from your veterinary officer on what is best for your dog.