You want more living space in your house without having to build a new room. Maybe you want a guest room or a study. Or you might want a new office space all for yourself since, after lockdown, all the office work is conducted from home. If you have a garage space that you don’t use anymore, you can convert it into an office room. 

Converting a garage right into a residing space is a long process that consists of elevating the floor, adding heating and cooling ventilators, insulating walls, and updating doorways and windows. Read the article to know more about how you can remodel your garage into a living space.

Basic Requirements: To transform your garage into a living place, you will need to eliminate any evidence of the old garage door openings and install plenty of things for making the garage look great.

  • Change the floor setup: Garages are built lower than the house. You can add sleepers to raise the flooring by covering the cement carport floor. Even, you do add sleepers to raise the ground; you still will require concrete floor carpeting. Engineered wood, tile, laminated flooring, and vinyl plank flooring are popular selections for garage conversions.
  • Garages are commonly set up with non-finish quality walls. You can keep the existing drywall if it is insulated, by giving it some final touch-ups to look similar to the garage interior.
  • Replace the garage doors with fully studded insulated walls. Maintain at least 7 ½ feet high ceiling height. Add enough windows to provide natural air and sunlight
  • Hide unsightly areas: curtain walls must be introduced, around areas you do not wish to see, such as a furnace, water heater, laundry, etc.
  • Heating: provide heating equipment to maintain the heat of at least 70degrees Fahrenheit. Heating options encompass extending current central heating ductwork or fan-driven wall heaters and installing an electric baseboard.

Hire a Professional:  You will require legal permits before starting the renovation work in your home. Contact your city zoning department for more information regarding garage conversion permits. You might also want to work with an architect to provide a proposed ground plan while applying for a permit.

Building codes may also dictate the minimum quantity of windows in a place, the number of entrances and exits, the height of the ceiling, and other factors. Consider hiring an expert for renovating your home since a builder can offer you new thoughts for boosting your home value on a low budget. Also, you can check services for epoxy flooring, which is a popular choice for garage conversions. This type of flooring provides durability, easy maintenance, and a sleek modern look to your living space.

  • Experience interprets into higher outcomes; that is why you should consider hiring a professional builder for the job at hand. House owners in Seattle can rely on experienced and licensed contractors in Seattle for remodeling and refurbishing.
  • Renovations can be stressful and they disrupt your routine. Hiring a general builder will help you to get rid of some of the stress. A builder is someone you can trust, and they will manage both big and small trades and details. Home remodeling is an investment in one of your most significant assets. Hiring a general contractor will give you the best return.

When you want extra residing space for your home, changing your carport right into living space may be an appealing decision. Although costs will range primarily based on location and particular plans, a garage remodeling will typically cost approximately ½ of what you’d count on to spend while constructing a house addition from scratch. Nevertheless, there are many elements to take into consideration before starting a challenge like this.