8 accessories to improve your electric golf trolley

Have you been toying with the idea of getting an electric golf trolley for quite some time? Perhaps you’ve bitten the bullet already and are the proud owner of one of these marvellous models? 

Either way, an electric golf trolley is a great option for golfers who are sick and tired of lugging their heavy golf bag around the course. Each one comes with a small motor and battery that powers them around the links with ease. 

Whilst there are several things you need to consider when buying an electric trolley – such as manufacturer, material, weight, speed and battery – it’s helpful if you look at what handy accessories it comes with too (or which you can purchase separately). These will really help to improve the quality of your trolley and make it more convenient for you in the long-run.

Here we look at just a few must-have golf trolley accessories: 

  • Umbrella holder

Let’s face it, we are no stranger to wet weather in the UK and there’s a good chance that the heavens will open mid-way through the round. With that said, an umbrella holder that attaches to your golf trolley in seconds can prove extremely useful. It will hold your umbrella whilst you take your shot and, on top of this, it will prevent your golf bag and equipment from getting soaked.

  • Drink holder 

Whether you’re playing a casual 9 holes with mates or a standard 18 holes, you’re going to want to take a bottle of water out onto the links with you to ensure you stay hydrated. Although you could take your refreshments in and out of your bag every time, a golf beverage holder will allow you to keep your drink within reach at all times – not to mention eliminate unwelcome spillages inside your bag!

  • GPS handle cover

There are some remarkable electric golf trolleys on the market today – including fully-integrated GPS models which display accurate yardages on-screen. A GPS handle cover is an essential accessory if you want to reduce scratches and knocks to the screen and handle whilst you travel to and from the course. Ideal if your route is riddled with potholes or you have to go over speed bumps.

  • Device cradle

Who doesn’t take their phone around the course with them these days? Sure, you could slip it in your trouser pocket whilst you take your shot or stow it in your golf bag, but you could make things easier for yourself by investing in a phone holder or, better still, a device cradle. These are fully adjustable and compatible with smartphones and GPS rangefinders, and can be quickly attached to your trolley. They even offer portrait and landscape rotation.

  • Scorecard holder

If you’re a stickler for losing things, it’s well worth buying a scorecard holder. At least this way, you needn’t worry about the card getting scrunched up in your pocket or having to rummage around in your bag for a pencil. A scorecard holder often clips onto the handlebar of your electric golf trolley and is designed to hold a scorecard, pencil, balls and tees. It can be used as a writing surface too.

  • Rain cover

Ask any experienced golfer and they’ll tell you that a rain cover is a godsend when playing in harsh conditions. It not only allows you to keep your clubs dry and safe but covers your entire golf bag – offering a snug fit as well. Depending on the manufacturing brand, some also have an elasticated top section that makes it easy for you to access your golf clubs and take out the ones you need.

  • USB port

Did you forget to put your phone on charge last night? Using it as a GPS device and don’t want it to waste your battery? Relax, many electric golf trolleys boast USB charging ports which means you can plug your device in and play a round of golf knowing that it will hold out until the end of the round. 

  • Winter wheels

If you’re a serious golfer – planning to play golf all year round – winter wheels are favourable. These are both durable and hardwearing, so will enable you to use your golf trolley in the colder months, but reduce turf drag and tyre marks on the course when playing in wet conditions. Something the golf club will certainly thank you for!

These are just a selection of accessories that can improve your trolley and, indeed, your game – but there are many more to choose from. So, if you’re looking to accessorise your trolley this season, or you’re thinking about buying an electric golf trolley, why not visit Clarkes’ Golf Centre and browse the range in full? They have an extensive collection available – all of which are manufactured to an exceptionally high quality and priced competitively.