7 Signs a Reliable and Professional Salesforce Developer May Have

As a Salesforce development professional, you must be looking for smart ways to progress and be more capable on the Salesforce platform. This article will discuss some top tips for the Salesforce developers to progress in the job and for the service seekers to spot the most reliable Salesforce development professionals. If you are in the active circle of Salesforce developers, then you may find many tips to enhance your skills day by day. Here are some signs to look for in professional Salesforce developers who excel in their careers.


  1. Curiosity


This is the No.1 and most important sign to look for in an amazing Salesforce developer. Considering the Salesforce ecosystem, curiosity is a vital part of any developer's job. As Salesforce comes up with three major releases years and minor add-ons now and then, there are many new things always for the developers to learn. New features are getting released, more APIs, and many new hacks. If you do not follow these as a developer, you will soon lose a fair sum of information and become outdated.


The common question developers may have in their mind could be how to learn these much if you are busy at work. You need not know every why and how of each release, but you should have a fair understanding of the features when a new product is rolled out. This can make a big difference, and this is the differentiator between an average Salesforce developer and an amazing Salesforce developer. This way, even before you start to use the latest features, you will know that it may take a few hours to master it. Community blogs and Trailheads are your best friends for this.  In terms of Salesforce learning, you are not alone. An important lesson you may learn from being a Salesforce developer is that you are not working alone on any aspects of Salesforce.


  1. The team


You need a team at work as your online trailblazer circle, which is the second sign of an amazing developer. You may ask your colleagues in this group if you doubt you may share the workload, go for pair programming, and always learn something new from your friends.


If you do not find any luck with the issue at hand, as Flosum suggests, one may ask the Trailblazer community for help. If you are new to it, you will surely be surprised to see how strong and supportive the Salesforce Ohana will be with its diverse knowledge coming out from all across the globe.


  1. Quality of code


The next important sign for amazing Salesforce developers is code quality. You gain it through experience. Have you ever reviewed a code you have written months ago and wondered who the heck had done this awful stuff? Voila! It shows that your code quality has improved, and now you what goes wrong.


  1. Fight down boredom


The next sign of an amazing developer is identifying your boredom. You may be thinking that it is not a positive quality. But boredom is a vital signal that what you are currently doing is not stimulating your brain. This may happen quite often to someone and rarely to others, which depends largely on one's attitude. However, understanding your boredom is an important aspect of analyzing your daily work. The absence of stimuli can surely lead to less interest, less quality, and lesser output. There are many cures for this which we will discuss in detail in another article. One thing to keep in mind that by understanding boredom, you can effectively fight it down.


  1. Parallel projects


Having a side project in which you can learn skills, have fun, and acquire new technologies is important. You may consider starting a start-up in the future, take up a new project personally, or even running a company project, where all these will come in handy. Some companies entertain the employees to work on personal projects which you can work on to improve your enthusiasm and also encourage the grey matter. This will make your approach to other tasks also more efficient.


  1. Work for quality, not quantity


This is another important sign for professional Salesforce developers. You may be an awesome developer with the skills to evaluate and identify faster solutions versus quality solutions. You are expected to find the best fix for a requirement, but you need to sure whether you have used the fastest way over the best one. This choice largely depends on the project quality policies you follow and also the customer needs. Sometimes, you will have an opportunity to take your own time to fix the issue hand, and some other times you may have to focus on the deadlines to make the client happy. In this consider, dedicate a small amount of time to clean the dirty codes when the emergency is over.


  1. Experience


It is an experience that can make a whole lot of difference. The signs which we have discussed above are also related somehow to the experience one has gained. Nobody comes to this field by gaining the whole knowledge. You first learn to crawl, walk, and then run. As you gain more and more experience, you start to do incredible stunts. Coding is also no different. You start with the basics of running the “Hello World” script, and then you grow to code the virtual reality world. However, it may take a while for one to go through and excel this path. All it takes for you is to jump into more projects and take everything you can gain from these, both good and bad, to become an experienced and insightful professional.


Above these seven important skills of Salesforce developers, we discussed here. It is also important to do proper planning, gain personal knowledge about the work tasks you hand in and build resilience to recover fast from any difficulties. Being a developer is a tough but rewarding job. You need to start loving it to reach heights, step by step.