The Dos and Don'ts of Clean Beauty

Image from pexels

The living room is easily one of the most important rooms in a home. It says a lot about you and can create a lasting impression on your visitors. 

If you are looking to revamp your living room, you probably think it will cost you a fortune. While some renovations can be expensive, money shouldn't stop you from improving your home.

Here are a few ways you can transform your living room on a budget.  

Ensure Your Curtains Reach the Floor

A common mistake that many people make when choosing curtains is picking a set that is too short. According to many interior designers, there is no easier way to make your home look cheap than having small curtains.

For the best look, ensure that your curtains touch the floor lightly and that they are wide enough. You can even embellish them with fancy curtain holders, and your living room will instantly look classy.

Use Curvy Shapes

A living room with straight lines only will be boring. Make your room attractive and appealing by using different shapes.

Curvy items have proven effective in making a room achieve a high-end look. They come in a wide range of pieces ranging from glass sideboards, accessories, and furniture. 

Use Metallic Items

Using several metallic items in your living room will significantly upgrade your space.  However, take great care not to overdo it. With metal in your living room, less is more. A few pieces of antique silver, a golden mirror, and a brass table will do the trick.

Use an Oversize Piece of Art

A large eye-catching piece of art can instantly upgrade your living room. It also adds a personal touch to your home, which certainly adds warmth to your space.

Look for inspiring pieces from art or lifestyle shops, but if you're on a budget, you can still make the art yourself.

Use Flowers

Fresh flowers can greatly light up the mood of your living room, especially a big bouquet. That does not mean that you need an enormous and ostentatious display on all surfaces of your living room.

Nevertheless, ensure that the bouquets you display are not scarce. A huge bouquet on a dining table enhances a classy look to your home more than flimsy floral displays.

Use Decorative Moulding

One of the cheapest ways you can give your living room a luxurious look is through decorative moulding. You don't need an expert; you can take some time to do the melding yourself.

Besides, if you choose to hire an expert, it's relatively cheap and worth the amount you invest.

For a classier and expensive look, use the same paint colour on the melding as the walls.

Apply Good Lighting

Lighting is an essential concept in a living room. A chandelier, for instance, can transform an otherwise drab living room into a beautiful space. Putting chandeliers near furniture can be a cheap way to update a room without the costs of renovating a wall.

You can also use dim lights to make your sitting room look luxurious. Studies show that dim lighting creates an illusion of everything, thus making a space look better. Moreover, dim switches make a room feel cosy and warm.


As you can see, making your space beautiful need not cost a fortune. Making small improvements and choosing the right décor pieces can go a long way in transforming your living room. Start by following the tips on this blog, and your living room will thank you for it.