7 Cute Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas for Summer 2021

The smell of salt in the air, cold cocktails with beautiful views, the background music of rolling waves...and cute outfits to top it all off. The best part about going on a vacation to the beach is that you have the chance to wear all the cute outfits that aren't really appropriate anywhere else. 

Are you planning an epic coastal getaway this summer and now you're just looking for the best beach vacation outfit ideas? 

We've got you covered. You'll be dressed to impressed in cure beach vacation outfits your entire holiday with these seven killer ideas.

1. White Maxi Dress and Killer Sunglasses 

If you don't have a white maxi dress in your beach vacation outfits arsenal, you're doing something wrong. White clothing is a staple on any beach vacation — to compliment that sunkissed skin, of course. 

A simple white maxi dress in your favorite style is always a fantastic go-to outfit on a beach vacation. Flowy and whimsical maxis work best to match the easygoing coastal vibes. 

Complete the outfit with some killer Goodr Rounded Shades and some simple accessories and you're dressed for any and all occasions. Accessorising is always super important when it comes to finishing a look, but if you're on the hunt for sunglasses that are also prescription glasses then head to DIFF Eyewear for a variety of colours, and shapes. 

2. Loose-Fitting Boyfriend Jeans and Sandals 

Beach vacations aren't all about frilly dresses and shorts, it's also the best time to slip on your favorite boyfriend jeans and get creative with some jazzy beach looks. 

There are infinite cute beach vacation outfits that you can make with just a great pair of loose-fitting boyfriend jeans and some simple strappy sandals. 

You can match the main pieces with a cute tank top or a cropped sweater on the chillier nights. For an awesome beachy look, throw on a sexy bikini paired with jeans, or a low-back one-piece. 

3. Matching Two-Piece Outfit 

There's no time more appropriate than a summery two-piece set than on a beach vacation. It's also a fabulous packing hack as you can wear the top and bottom as a set or split them up for more outfits to wear on a beach vacation.

Two-piece sets are oh-so-cute, especially the skirt and cropped top ones. For a nighttime look that's a little bit more elegant yet still casual, opt for the matching sets with flowy pants and a stylish crop top in neutral tones. 

For a daytime outfit, rather choose bright colors and patterns and keep the accessories to a minimum so there isn't too much going on. 

4. Crochet Cover-Up and a Straw Hat

It's criminal not to bring a crochet cover-up with you on a beach vacation. Where else are you able to rock this stunning outfit? They make for the perfect casual beachwear, especially paired with a straw hat. 

You can choose a cover-up that's very revealing and stick to wearing it on the beach and at the beachside bars with a bikini or one-piece underneath. 

Otherwise, opt for a more tightly crocheted cover-up that you can get away with wearing out for dinner, too. 

5. Denim Skirt and Hair Scarf

The best outfits for a beach vacation are all topped with cute hair scarves. Denim skirts are back in fashion and we're loving it. These used to be a classic beach vacation staple and now that they're back there's so much fun to be had pairing playful accessories. 

One of the best accessories to pair with your favorite denim skirt is a flowy hair scarf. The contrast of the long scarf and short skirt is stunning. Add a crop top to the mix and you've got yourself a banging beach outfit. 

This outfit is good day or night. Add some patterns and playfulness to the daytime wear with a polka dot hair scarf. In the night, opt for a solid color in burnt orange. 

6. Crop Top and Wide-Leg Pants 

High-waisted wide-leg pants are all the rage when it comes to beach fashion, and it's no wonder why! The flowy, breezy, and effortless look is the perfect accessory for your relaxed and happy vacay mood. 

Paired with a crop top, the look is both elegant and carefree, whimsical, and stylish. It's ideal for any occasion. 

Opt for patterned wide-leg pants and a neutral-colored top for the 'wow' factor. If you prefer something a little more toned down then choose a single color in beachy hues such as mustard, burnt orange, or ocean blue, for the pants. 

7. Floral Mini Dress and White Sneakers

This is a classic look that makes for a cute beach vacation outfit that doesn't require much effort and always looks good. 

Floral is always an appropriate pattern for the beach and is a style that will never get old. Adding white sneakers gives a great contrast and turns the outfit into a fun and playful daytime look. 

If you're not into mini dresses, this look works just as well with midi dresses. As long as you can see the sneakers, you're good to go. Avoid long dresses that will only show the toe of the sneakers when you walk — it tends to look clunky and awkward.

Which of These Beach Vacation Outfit Ideas Is Your Favorite?

So, which of these beach vacation outfit ideas is your favorite? We're just kidding — we know you love them all. How could you not? They're the perfect balance of stylish, playful, and pretty. You'll feel on top of the world in all of them. 

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