6 Body-Positive Models to Follow

Did you know that more than 4.9 billion people around the globe regularly use the internet?

Before the age of social media, it could be challenging to find inspiring body positivity advocates. After all, the model industry in the early 2000s was known for being particularly harsh.

Nowadays, with the aid of social media, women of all shapes and sizes can share their stories and modeling journies with the world. So, which body-positive models should you follow?

We're here to fill you in! Keep reading below to learn about six of the best body-positive influencers to check out!

1. Julia Berit

Julia Berit works as a model in L.A. and actively posts inspiring content on Instagram. She promotes great messages, such as the fact that the comfort and fit of clothes are way more important than whatever size number is on the tag. These inspiring messages are paired with trendy outfit pics and even makeup tutorials.

2. Khrystyana Kazakova

Khrystyana Kazakova was a finalist on America's Next Top Model. The Russian-born model is an advocate for body positivity and has even gone so far as to found The Real Catwalk.

The Real Catwalk is an organization that works to bring inclusivity to the runway through shows and workshops. It works to bring acceptance for all bodies, no matter their gender, ethnicity, size, or shape.

3. Charli Howard 

Charli Howard was a size 2 when she was told by an agency that she was too big to model for them. She immediately took action by writing a public letter criticizing them.

She now works to show others that your body isn't something to be afraid of. Through writing books and starting projects to empower women, she is one of the best body-positive models to take inspiration from.

4. La'Tecia Thomas

La'Tecia Thomas keeps her captions on Instagram short and sweet, but her Twitter and YouTube accounts are full of body positivity. La'Tecia makes YouTube videos doing clothing hauls, explaining how she got into modeling as a plus-sized woman and discussing the importance of self-love.

5. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been a pioneer in the modeling industry. Initially criticized for her size, she's now become a well-known name in the industry and tells her story through her Instagram and Twitter posts. She's even written a book on her experiences and constantly works to inspire confidence in people of all sizes.

6. Allison Kimmey

Allison Kimmey is a plus-sized model and self-proclaimed bikini lover and self-love expert. After a glance at her Instagram, we'd have to agree!

Allison's Instagram is filled with fashion hacks, daily outfits, and positivity. Her captions encourage her followers to work to establish a healthy relationship with their bodies.

Finding Inspiration with Body Positive Models

Even as the body positivity movement continues to grow, it can be challenging at times to muster up self-confidence. Luckily, if you need some cheering on, the body-positive models above have plenty of support to share!

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