5 Tips to Get Ready for Summer

Summer is the moment of the year we await the most. If you are studying, you are going to have a break from your stressful routine; if you are working, you probably have a nice, relaxing trip planned, perhaps to an exotic place. But this is also where that typical, light anxiety starts. In fact, summer is the season in which we expose our bodies to the air and the sun. After all, what would this 3 months long period be without some proper days at the beach? We should all love ourselves for who we are but, despite our self-esteem, the idea of ​​uncovering our skin makes us a little anxious, and it’s fine to admit it.

It is an unconscious process but we have the legit desire to show ourselves in shape when summer is going to start. And for that, we need to work (hard).


Moreover, heat and humidity can put our bodies in jeopardy. With all due respect, that’s a serious matter, definitely more than looking good and in shape on our first day at the beach. Fortunately, there are also some tips we can follow to avoid any health complications

  • Move


To have a toned, snappy and energetic body you need to practice regular physical exercise, which does not necessarily mean working out at the gym. You can also decide to practice half an hour of running on a daily basis or do some home exercises. At the end of the day, what matters is consistency.


However, If you already sport, the question of what to do “more” is the one that matters. If you run on a regular basis and lead an active life, it might feel hard to actually improve. Yet the truth is that our training is not always perfect. Since we have been sporting regularly for years, we must probably vary. For instance, we could try to squeeze in one or two weekly toning sessions between our cardio sessions.


Alternatively, we can give a shot to cross-training circuits, which will help us define our muscles. The options are endless and at the end of the day, what matters that we have fun at whatever we choose to do.

  • Take food supplements


We all love sunny days but exposing our bodies to it without some preparation can result in serious issues. Therefore, protecting and empowering our skin is simply crucial. In general, our bodies need some help to survive the heat. That’s why we must remember that food supplements can give us a hand.

Magnesium counteracts swelling, fatigue, and cramps that are typical of the period; beta-carotene is an ally for the skin that will be exposed to the sun, and mineral salts help fight fatigue. However, it is always important to discuss the plan with a professional. Health is a serious matter.

  • Follow a healthy diet


It goes without saying that the next step is to follow a healthy diet. During winter is actually easy to gain a few kilos more and this is the right time to dispose of them in a healthy and correct way. In order to be on top of our game for the incoming season, it is important to follow a diet in which fruit, vegetables, fish, and lean meats should always be present, while alcohol, fried food, and products that aren’t easy to digest in the heat should simply disappear.


In particular, fruit and vegetables are the keys to our success. Obviously, this suggestion is valid all year round, but this season's vegetables and fruit help our body to fill up with vitamins B and C, which are also essential for those who will then expose themselves to the sun.

Furthermore, these foods contain only a few calories, allowing us to stay fit and helping the intestine, an organ that is easily stressed out during summer.

  • Update your wardrobe


Summer doesn’t only mean sea and sand. It means, thankfully, parties and celebrations (if Covid agrees). That’s why besides the right swimsuit we also need to refresh our wardrobe. We need clothes that can make us survive the high temperatures without losing a touch of elegance, especially if we are planning to go out for dinner. However, be ready for parties during daylight, probably in nice villas with big and marvelous swimming pool.

Therefore, we need to be flexible. Sandals are a must be we cannot give in high heels. A casual t-shirt is great but an elegant dress has to be in our closet. Also, don’t forget jewelry, because they are perfect for almost any context. And if you want to add a touch of authenticity, go for a handmade one.

  • Take care of your hair


Hair is a symbol of femininity. It can be sexy, sportive, or elegant but ultimately it really communicates who we are. Summer is a delicate period for our hair because it can easily dry out. Luckily, there’s not much we have to do. First of all, going to our beloved hairdresser is a must. Let’s have a nice and fresh haircut and, most importantly, ask for some advice on which products to use, especially for when we are going to be exposed to the sun. Last, let’s not forget that we are probably going to move a lot. A practical, handy haircut is then allowed and there’s no need to be ashamed.