5 Tips To Create An Ethical Wardrobe


Fashion hasn’t always been the most eco-friendly and ethical industry, but gradually things are changing for the better. If you’re looking for ways to make your wardrobe more ethical, try out these five pointers.

1 . Use The Good On You App

Good On You is the perfect app for sustainable fashionistas. The app provides sustainability scores for different brands, so you can check how eco-friendly they are before you buy. Brands that score 5 points are rated as ‘Great’, those that score 1 point are rated as ‘We Avoid’. These ratings are all based on the brands impact on animals, people, and on the planet. Want more eco-friendly fashion advice? The app has plenty of guides and articles, to help you out. It’s the perfect tool to learn more about sustainable fashion.

  1. Purchase quality items

When we buy low quality items, we’re contributing to the ‘fast-fashion’ industry. Cheaply produced garments tend to produce more waste. When you’re shopping for a new outfit, go for a quality brand, which you know will last. Remember, you should also keep quality in mind when it comes to your fashion accessories. Whether it’s your bags or your body jewelry, choose durable materials from well-respected companies. If you're wondering where to buy body jewelry, Urban Body Jewellery has some excellent options.

  1. Look out for ethical materials

When you’re choosing fashion items, keep a look out for the most eco-friendly fabrics you can find. A few options include:

  • Organic Cotton:Clothing made out of organic cotton is a great choice. Organic cotton only requires a small amount of water to grow, and the growth process is free of toxic chemicals. Therefore you should buy organic bamboo/cotton clothing from The Kindred Studio that is of high-quality fabric. This organic cotton is breathable and durable, plus it’s lovely and soft to the touch!


  • Hemp: Hemp clothing is super on-trend, and it’s just about one of the most eco-friendly fabrics out there! The fabric is long lasting, and can even benefit the soil as it grows.
  1. Shop on second hand apps

To create the most ethical wardrobe possible, it’s a great idea to shop second hand. There are many apps which you can use to buy great second-hand clothing. For some trendy options, check out Depop, Vinted and Thred-Up. Here you can find plenty of fashion garments, whether you’re looking for designer, high-street or vintage. 

  1. Teach yourself how to sew 

It’s such a shame when you get a hole in your favorite fashion garment! If you learn how to sew you’ll be able to repair your favourite stuff, and hold onto it for longer. Consider taking a brief sewing course, or even teaching yourself a few tricks with YouTube videos? Even a few basic sewing skills will help you to become more sustainable.

With a few of these simple tips, you’ll soon create yourself a more ethical wardrobe. Once you’ve got ethical with your fashion items don’t stop there! Have a look at your household times, and keep things green throughout your entire home.