5 Sustainable Fashion Bloggers You Should Definitely Follow on Instagram

Defining sustainable fashion is not an easy task. It covers all types of clothes made of different ethically derived and vegan materials. However, the good news for the planet Earth is that more and more people are asking questions about it.

Different researches confirm that around 60% of Generation Z and 75% of Millennials are willing to pay more for all types of sustainable goods. They want to participate in the process of making planet Earth healthier for living.

The community that supports this type of fashion is growing daily. There are many podcasts that try to explain to people why sustainable fashion is the future. The good news is that you can also find many social media influencers that promote sustainable fashion through their blog posts. Because of that, they deserve your attention!

Why Would Someone Follow Sustainable Fashion Bloggers on Instagram?

That's a good question! Sustainability is important for the future of our kids. If you want to ensure a bright future for the youngest generations, getting familiar with sustainable fashion is mandatory. Indeed, governments around the world are trying to promote sustainable development. They are defining different policies that will support the environment, agriculture, energy, and other sustainability factors.

Following the latest trends will probably make you look more attractive. However, will you protect planet Earth in that way? In most cases – No!

Progress depends on every individual! The content influencers share usually inspires people to change their way of living. Despite that, it also motivates them to participate in the sustainable development process in every possible way. 

Making eco-friendly topics viral is another goal all fashion influencers have! You may even get the desire to start a blog on your own as well. Writing blog posts will help you understand yourself and the people around you better, and convince you to think about the future and how exactly you can make it more comfortable for the youngest generations. A personal blog is a perfect place to talk about global problems and invite people to change as quickly as they can.

After making everything clear, it is about time to get to the point. There are a couple of sustainable fashion bloggers you should definitely follow on Instagram.

Michelle Chavez

Michelle Chavez is one of the most famous lifestyle influencers on Instagram. Her profile @michelleforgood currently has around 12 thousand followers. Her goal is to inspire people to purchase attractive clothes that will not hurt the environment in any way. The photos she shares on her profile will help you find the combination that is matchable with your personal style.

Source: Michelleforgood

Michelle is a good example for people that want to start a business in the sustainable fashion field. She is a co-founder of The TOTE Project. The reason why she started a business is simple – she could not find eco-friendly bags, so she decided to produce them and help people that have the same problem. Different sustainable brands like Indigenous, Nisolo, Pact, and others inspired her to decide on that move. However, she realized that neither of them sells bags made of non-harmful materials.

If you struggle to find a perfect combination for your needs, starting a sustainable fashion brand is always an option, isn't it? The brands from that industry may inspire you to decide on a big step in your life and bring value to the lives of your customers.

Kathleen Elie

Believe it or not, Kathleen started a blog in 2009. After 12 years of hard work, she managed to become one of the world’s sustainable fashion bloggers. Her Instagram profile @conciousnchic helped her promote her goal in all parts of the globe. You can often hear her saying “I promote progress; not perfection,” and that's probably something that makes her special.

You will not only get some fashion tips; she also shares different types of suggestions for people that want to live a sustainable life. She currently has more than 28k followers that actively follow her work.

Source: Conciousnchic

One of the tips that Kathleen Elie often shares is “Decide what you want to do and make sure you love it!”. Writing (her passion) brought many benefits to her; it gave her a sense of achievement and allowed her to fully commit to her big goals (improving the popularity of sustainable fashion). You may want to apply her piece of advice and try to start a memorable journey!

Celine Semaan

Celine Semaan is a multi-talented person; she is an advocate, designer, writer, and founder of Slow Factory. Her company supports businesses to implement all types of sustainability initiatives. Despite that, she is also a successful guest writer. Some of her blogs are published on Huffington Post, Elle, The Cut, etc. As you can see, she uses every possible opportunity to promote sustainable fashion and educate people.

Her Instagram Profile @celinecelines has nearly 50k followers. However, you will easily notice she is not only sharing posts associated with sustainable fashion. She also explored topics such as climate change, human rights, and others. You will get familiar with different topics that can make the planet Earth a more wonderful living place.

Source: Celinecelines

Aja Barber

Aja Barber has worked as an ethical fashion consultant for many years. However, in one moment, she realized that her knowledge could help other people. She decided to start a blog and educate her followers about ethics, intersectional feminism, buying habits, and human rights.

Source: Ajabarber

The first comment you will have when seeing her Instagram feed will probably be “WoW”. She often publishes a picture of herself wearing pieces of clothes made of different eco-friendly materials. However, she does not stop there. Her posts also analyze some happenings inside the sustainable fashion industry. She likes to share ideas and start debates with her followers. Valuable content is probably the reason why she has more than 230k followers.

Carmen Jenny

Carmen Jenny is a digital editor at Harper's BAZAAR Germany for many years. However, you will easily see in the description of her Instagram profile what she does and which goals she has. She uses fashion as a voice (sending different messages to people through clothes) and that is something all sustainability enthusiasts should do. Carmen also believes that the future of the planet Earth is circular. That is the reason why she decided to start a Clothes Friends brand and allow people to lend and rent sustainable clothes.

Yet, her Instagram profile does not only serve as an advertising tool for her brand. She often shares different ethical fashion tips, talks about eco-friendly materials, and invites people to change their bad habits. 

Source: Carmitive

So, Can I Become a Sustainability Fashion Blogger? 

Everyone can become a sustainability fashion blogger. However, the most successful ones will need to work on their creativity, writing skills, and knowledge about the industry. The good news for bad writers is that some tools can make their job easier. John Donovan, the editor, writing expert, and proofreader at GetGoodGrade, said in one of his interviews - “Fashion bloggers are not always good writers. Because of that, they often hire different online writing services to improve the quality of their content. They want to ensure the messages they are sending are clear to people of all ages.”

Final Thought 

Following sustainability fashion bloggers on Instagram will help you improve your knowledge about different eco-friendly materials. Despite that, they will convince you that cheap clothes can also make you look attractive. Don’t only think about yourself; think about the consequences you are making for the planet Earth whenever you purchase a T-shirt, jacket, or anything else made of toxic materials. If you can’t find an appropriate piece of clothes, you can always start a business like Michelle Chavez, don’t you? Try to apply pieces of advice you get from these lovely people, and change your life in the right way!