Wearing some jewelry that has personal touch is always precious. The year 2021 brings so many opportunities for all of us to design and customize our jewelry and wear them as daily accessories. The personalized jewelry is a brilliant gift idea too. The receiver will feel the sense of personal connection and the bond will grow stronger. Today we shall be looking at 5 jewelry trends of 2021 that can be personalized as much as you like.

  • Initial Necklace

The initial necklace is one of the popular trends of personalized necklace as you can wear the initial of your name as a necklace. Whether you are getting this for yourself or your loved ones, it is always a great idea. The initial necklace can be worn as a part of your daily attire. This simple yet strong accessory will increase the appeal of your style.



  • Layered Necklaces

The layered necklaces are a treat to the eyes. They are on the hot trending list for 2021. These stylish necklaces have to ability to be simple yet bold. As each layer has its pendant and can define your style statement. The layers can contain your name, a lucky charm, a text you like, your zodiac sign, etc. the length of the chains will define the style as more dramatic or subtle.

Spiritual jewelry is also a trend nowadays, that allows you to express your beliefs in the most personal way. From faith necklaces featuring symbols like the evil eye or hamsa, there are many styles for any faith! You'll find pieces perfect for celebrating all walks of life with some awesome selection of spiritual jewelry that's usually custom and handmade.

  • Name Necklaces:

A very classy idea of customized jewelry is a custom name necklace. They are delicate and precious. You can either gift it to your loved ones or maybe get one for yourself. The idea of name necklace is that it is an everyday accessory that can go well with your all kind of outfits.


  • Name(beads) Bracelets for Men

A brilliant trend for men’s personalized jewelry is“personalized mens bracelet”. You can have your name or the names of your loved ones engraved on the beads of the leather bracelet. This classy and stylish bracelet would be perfect as a daily accessory for men.

  • Bangle Bracelet with Heart Shape Pendants (with name/words engraved on the heart pendants):

The classic bangle bracelet is an ultimate trend, to make it personalized, this style has beautiful heart pendants engraved with names. The names can be of your loved ones or some text or quote that you like. The heart pendants symbolize love, compassion, and care. This super customized jewelry item would be a perfect wrist accessory that you can flaunt at any formal or casual occasion.

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These were 5 personalized jewelry trends of 2021. Personalized jewelry always adds a unique touch and style to your outlook. To increase your charisma and show more of your personality through style, follow these trends!