5 Major Reasons You Absolutely Need a Lash Lift

Do you have $100 to spend on your eyelashes every six weeks or so? 

If so, you might consider getting a lash lift. A lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. 

Now that we all have amazing eyebrows, the newest trend is eyelashes. Do your eyelashes need some professional help? 

Lash lifts are all the rage in the beauty and makeup world these days. Keep reading to learn about these 5 major reasons to get a lash lift right away.

What is a Lash Lift?

A salon technician takes your natural lash and adheres it to a silicone rod with water-soluble glue. The lashes are sectioned, isolated, and placed into a new position.

Your lashes are semi-permanently curled and will stay that way with the application of a chemical solution for about six weeks. The lifting of the eyelashes from the root helps them to appear longer and more glamorous. 

Following lash lift tips and carefully caring for your lashes will help you get your money's worth. 

To maintain the results, you'll need to get a lash lift every few months. 


1. More Youthful Appearance 

Looking for less invasive ways to look and feel younger? Longer, fuller eyelashes help your eyes to appear more open and youthful. Forget getting an eyelift, this will do the trick.  

2. No More Mascara 

A tint is applied to darken the lashes during the procedure so there's no need for mascara. This is especially great for allergy sufferers or anyone with watering eyes. 

No need to worry about mascara running or blotting under your eyes. Your search for the perfect mascara is over. 

3. Low Maintenance 

A lash lift leaves you with eyelashes that require minimal aftercare.

Avoid getting them wet and using eye makeup for the first 24 hours. Don't rub your eyes or use serums or other treatments on them. 

4. Save Time and Money 

Since you won't need expensive mascara, eye-makeup remover, and eyelash curlers, you'll save money.

A lash lift is less expensive and lasts longer than eyelash extensions. 

You'll also save time because you won't have to apply makeup to your lashes or remove it before going to bed. 

5. Thicker, Fuller, Longer Lashes 

Without adding extensions or false eyelashes, you'll have thicker, fuller, longer natural lashes. 

And if you think they look good the day of your appointment, just wait. They look even better a few days later.


Are you wondering how to apply a lash lift? Learn all you need to know here. 


Why Get a Lash Lift? 

Do you value your time? A lash lift is a way to skip part of your makeup routine. Your lashes will already be curled and looking beautiful before you even roll out of bed. 

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