5 Interesting and Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Custom Packaging

The Value of Custom Packaging
First, some stats: Forbes says 60-80% of customers won’t return to a business if there’s no “wow” factor. 72% of Americans say purchase decisions are tied to how qualitative packaging is. 61% say they’re more likely to buy something again if it has quality packaging. 35% of Americans report watching videos on “unboxing” products.

55% of that 35% who viewed unboxing videos said videos played a part in the influence of their purchase decision. 40% of customers share packaging pictures on social media if they like the package. (Sometimes they’ll share if they don’t like it owing to poor design; so be sure whatever packaging you design doesn’t have the reverse effect of what you intend.)

When packaging has a “gift-like” veneer, 50% of buyers say they’ll recommend said product. Also, it’s worth it to avoid plastic if you can—67% of Americans prefer either cardboard or paper. Lastly, 49% of consumers report having increased willingness to pay more for products if packaging is qualitative.

The numbers are clear. Effectively-designed, properly produced and distributed custom packaging will make you money. So if increased packaging incorporates expense, even so you’ll sell products at a higher rate, meaning you make it back. With that in mind, here we’ll briefly explore five ways to make your customer packaging as effective as possible.


  1. Make Packaging Colorful
    Colors grab the eye. Match colors to brand design schemes as a means of secretly promulgating your brand. Choose pleasant coloration. Even if your products are built around nasty colors geared at a particular demographic, that can impact sales. Remember those “Garbage Pail Kids” dolls? They were an answer to “Cabbage Patch Dolls’.

Well here’s the thing: even they knew that proper coloration was key in sales. The dolls weren’t actually using color palettes that looked like garbage. They’d use cinnamon tones, and the like. So invest in research if you can as pertains to coloration. Otherwise, choose that which is attractive to you and represents your brand, and use that to design packaging.

  1. Provide a Secondary Use for Packaging
    Candy tins are often used by older generations to store things like teabags. The tins were designed to sell the candy, but kept by homeowners for a secondary purpose. Accordingly, they are like “secret agent” commercials for your brand. Both guests and residents in the house see them used decoratively, and are curious about the brands they represent.

So provide packaging solutions which can be used for more than one purpose. That can give your brand added value and long-term visibility. Sometimes returns don’t transpire immediately with this tactic, so it can be worthwhile to have such packaging designs geared around seasonal segues.

  1. Design Packaging to Stimulate Buyer Appetites – Literally
    Green and red in watermelon tones immediately bring a flavor to the mind. Just thinking about it, you likely have experienced a ghost of that flavor through reading this. That’s why headphone brands like “Gummy” use “candy” coloration to sell their tech products. Take a page out of their playbook. Design product packaging around appetite-stimulating colors.
  2. Consider the Value of Packaging Products Like “Presents”
    Packaging that makes your product look like a present given at Christmas or on someone’s birthday makes people 50% more likely to recommend it to others. Giving presents with “gift-like” packaging may also only be a seasonal option, but for some products this tactic is to be recommended year-round. It’s definitely worth, at minimum, devoting serious thought to the tactic.

  3. Chic Packaging With Multiple Layers For Unboxing Videos
    Unboxing videos are a big fad right now—especially among children, who are perhaps the best sales representatives for your products. Kids will watch a video on YouTube and get more excited about unboxing whatever is being sold than the product itself; then they’ll lean on mom or dad to buy them said product just so they can have the experience.

For that matter, many adults have become cognizant of the same trend, and even leaned into it. And why not? It’s always exciting to open up a present. If doing so for your product is itself an experience, people will want to share in that experience. That’s just how people are. Really, it’s a brilliant marketing ploy.

Sure, it’s got the veneer of “gimmick” about it, and complex packaging for the purpose of unboxing likely has a shelf-life. That said, it can be worthwhile—especially if you do something notably enough that people do unboxing videos about your products. That’s free advertising if nothing else, and the kind that can’t be secured through any form of funding.

Certainly, you can “fake it” by paying social media influencers to do the job on their channels, but that doesn’t compare to some organic channel doing it on their own in a way that doesn’t have a professional veneer behind it. So consider this if you’ve got the budget; it could definitely produce ROI. It’s combining marketing and product sales in a genius fashion.

Notable Custom Packaging Tactics Will Likely Optimize Sales
Packaging solutions come in all shapes and sizes, those available through deepkinglabels.com can represent a key component of marketing strategy designed to ultimately maximize sales through effective packaging. It’s not just about positioning your product in a professional way, advantages pertaining to sales expansion exist.

So with that in mind, consider the packaging tips explored here. Chic packaging designed for unboxing videos, gift-like packaging, buyer-appetite stimulation, secondary packaging use, and aesthetically pleasing colors to define packaging all represent notably effective tactics. Follow where the numbers lead. Quality packaging seems to sell quite well.