5 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Gel Nails

Nails are often overlooked, but they are a crucial part of your overall appearance. They can not only enhance the beauty of your delicate hands but also make you look more presentable in front of other people. While you might think that nail fashion is a new phenomenon, it has had its roots in the ever-growing beauty industry for a long time now. 

As far as beauty trends go, gel nails are becoming a rage among women around the globe. They are one of the trending extensions many ladies go for these days since they are highly customizable and convenient. Are you planning to get gel nails but wonder how you take care of them? Dive right in to find out everything about caring for gel nails.

How can you take care of the gel nails?

Taking care of your gel nails is a very delicate task. One simple mistake, and you can say goodbye to your beautiful gel nails. There are some tips and tricks to make your nails last longer. Some of which are listed below:

Take care of your cuticles.

Cuticles are the layer of delicate skin at the base of a fingernail. A highly common mistake that most women make when painting their nails is that they tend to paint over the cuticle. It results in lifting the gel from the nail and causes peeling.

Dry cuticles are also a menace to gel nails. If not carefully handled, they can cause damage to your nails and turn them dry. To fight this dryness, you must apply the oil to your cuticles regularly. It can work wonders, especially in dry weather or the winter season.

Use professional help

During the last days of your gel manicure, it is pretty natural to get tempted to peel it off yourself. Even though most women know it is harmful to their nails, it is still common among them. No matter how much you feel the need to peel it off, do not take this task into your own hands. The safest way to remove gel nails is to go to a professional. They know their way around nails and will provide the best service to you.

If you are in an emergency or may be unable to go to a nail salon, there are certain things you can do at your home. Start with a gentle file and then remove the luster from the surface of the polish. After that, you can soak cotton balls in gel nail polish remover, place one on each nail, and then cover it entirely in tin foil. You must leave the wraps on for 10 to 15 minutes before carefully pushing the gel off the nail plates with a wooden cuticle pusher. To finish, gently buff the nail's surface with a buffing tool and rehydrate the nails and cuticles with oil. By following this procedure, you will be able to remove gel nails at home but in a completely professional way.

Do not leave gel nails for too long.

Stretching the life of your manicure is enticing because gel nail polish can be worn for weeks without even the tiniest chip. However, after two to three weeks, one can remove the gel manicure to prevent scratching the nail beds and cuticles.

Besides, overextending gel manicures can result in damaged nails and the introduction of potentially dangerous bacteria. It is necessary to note that moisture will get underneath it once the gel starts to rise, allowing bacteria to spread.

Let your nails breathe in between

Gel nails can significantly add to the beauty of your hands but, removing and applying them, again and again, will lead to a lot of wear and tear. The nail plate is severely suffocated if gel nails are applied regularly, like every two weeks. It can cause nail dehydration and ultimately breakage. So, it is essential to give your nails a break in between gel applications. Have a skilled nail technician check your nail health between applications and see if your nails might benefit from a break from polish.

Avoid exposing gel nails to specific products.

Keeping your hands clean is undoubtedly a step towards better health. While this habit is healthy, it also has certain limitations. If you’re using hand sanitizer frequently, it dries out the skin, nail beds, and cuticles. Soap is a better option because it will not peel your topcoat.

Even if you change to soap, you must use cold water for the purpose. Extreme heat, such as soaking in a hot bath, can cause the manicure to chip away. Keep showers short and avoid high temperatures to make the manicure last longer.

Final thoughts

The nails are a delicate part of one’s body. Whether you have gel nails or are planning to get them, you can follow the steps listed above to keep your nails durable and healthy. It will also get you the money’s worth and provide comprehensive care for your precious little nails.