5 Candles that Elevate Your Home Decor

Who doesn’t love the good old candle when it comes to not only brightening up the house with a warm and cozy vibe, but also adding some serious design elements to your house and home? You also have an option to create your own candle of different shape size and colors with the help of candle making wax and molds.

Other than this, there are several types of candles out there in the world, and here are five of the best candle types that can bring your home’s decor to a whole new level.

Bubble Cube Candle

This candle is what would result in bubble wrap and a Rubik’s cube had a baby. It is made from 3 by 3 by 3 by 4 globes of wax that are all placed atop one another with the candlewick pointing out into the air. You just light the wick, and the candle is ready to go. The bubble cube candle is a unique design that just screams conversation piece, and it just brings some nice texture to your home. 

Whatever room you place this candle in, that room is going to benefit! You can also find them in various scents and colors to make sure it matches the room perfectly.  You can also try this wax melt burner.

Accordion Pillar Candle

This candle looks like one of the pillars that could be holding up a temple in ancient Greece somewhere. It comes with a lot of texture and style, and you can almost sit and admire the different layers of the folded accordion shape. It’s a very beautiful candle that can come in different colors and sizes, and you can have one that can fit any room of your home. 

Mini Knot Candle

These candles are inspired by ice cream pastels and almost look like colorful pieces of fruit with their knotted design and long stems. They are available in several captivating colors and scents. These include strawberry and cream pink, pistachio green, vanilla white, and orange creamsicle.


No matter what type of scent you like, each one of these uniquely shaped candies can be very interesting to look at and you can easily buy them in bulk and arrange them however you like. Plus, they are a fantastic conversation piece!

Crystal Candles

What is more beautiful than a single candle sitting on a shelf, a candle with flecks of crystal inside of it! Crystal candles are beautiful, one-of-a-kind candles that can ensure that your home candle choice is going to be unique. Several crystal candles have very unique gems including Lapis, Angelite, and Moonstone. They also are designed to help boost your energy, confidence, and mood.


There’s no reason to not go with a crystal candle, and once you try it you won’t go back to plain candles ever again.

Stylish Wavy Candle

Who says candles need to be straight? This candle shows off its curves by bending and twisting as it reaches for the sky. It should certainly catch your eye and can easily stand out when compared to all the other candles.

Grab Your Candle Today!

Candles can serve a lot of purposes in your home, and once you find the one that works with your home’s style, make sure to use it properly to raise your home’s decor!