5 Beverages with crazy Health Benefits

When we think about healthy drinks, the first thing that strikes our mind is water. 0 calories and no side effects – water is the healthiest drink and it keeps your body hydrated. Besides water, there are some healthy drinks that could protect us from various bacterial diseases and infections.

 Numerous fruit juices could be an example of such health drinks where we not only get a great taste, but it does provide us with vitamins and minerals to inhibit any bacteria from sticking to us and cause significant health problems. However, an individual can control and cure several diseases merely by using some home remedies of consuming healthy food and beverages.

A nutritious beverage not only protects you from serious problems but would also keep you hydrated, give you good skin, keep you stress-free and fit. A healthy drink could be a vegetable juice or fruit juice with low sugar or drinks with lion’s mane can also be preferred.

Following are Five beverages with some crazy health Benefits:

Green Tea:

Green Tea has always topped the list of the healthiest drinks as it has numerous health benefits. While many still don’t love it, it would be suggested to try it for some days as initially, the taste and smell might not attract you. Later, you will be habitual to it, after knowing the benefits it provides, as it prevents a particular type of cancer. People prefer to have it after their meals as it cuts down the sugar level in blood and has benefits in terms of diabetes.

Beet Juice:

Beet is typically a prominent part of our daily salads, but it would be more beneficial if you consume beet juice once daily as it contains nitric oxide that would help maintain low blood pressure and eventually will protect you from heart attacks or heart strokes. It does help in increasing stamina and improve muscle power; hence people who are into core fitness would always prefer beet juice in their diet.

Pomegranate Juice:

No matter in which part of the world you are, you will find health-conscious people fancy having a healthy pomegranate juice in their daily routine. Pomegranate gives you many benefits like; pomegranate juice has antioxidants that will help your body heal itself. If you are suffering from illness or a simple cold cough, this juice helps you recover faster and decreases inflammation. It increases the proportion of Vitamin C in the body, thereby building a robust immune system to fight the climatic body changes.

Soy Milk:

When it comes to dairy products and milk-related beverages, you could consume soy milk as an alternative to regular milk to fulfill the desire with no harmful ingredients for your body. Soy milk contains protein which lowers the cholesterol level and risk of cardiac failure disease. Next time, instead of Cow’s milk or coffee, you could anytime prefer Soy milk which comprises high benefits.


You can prefer having MUD\WTR, which is a drink with Lion’s mane, as it is highly beneficial for better health. It is loaded with several ingredients, which are useful for the human body. And incorporates almost 1/7th amount of Caffeine; therefore, it could be one of your favorite picks for healthy drinks. It contains a bioactive substance that aids in decreasing memory loss and helps in Alzheimer’s Disease. If you have had an injury in your nervous system, brain, or spinal cord, in that case, drinks with Lion’s mane can be highly beneficial as they would assist in a speedy recovery and prevent brain stroke.

Summing up 

These were few drinks that can be considered favorable than others if you want to live a healthy life with numerous benefits. However, Drinks with Lions mane Mushroom would be the best choice because it keeps you healthy for the long run and protects your immune system very well.