4 Tips For When You Are Unsure Of What Kind Of Wallet To Get

You have kept your dear wallet for a very long time now, it has grown on you and you like it very much. You don’t often think about buying a new wallet till your wallet gets worn out and tormented, and there’s no doubt that wallets are indispensable; we can go out without our mobile phones, but wallets? Nothing’s for free! So, if you decided to go wallet shopping but don’t know what kind of wallet you want to buy, we’ve compiled our top 4 tips to help you choose the best wallet that suits your needs!

  • Match The Wallet With Your Lifestyle 

Don’t be tempted to buy a huge wallet with 25 card slots and 10 ID windows for your photos. Are you really going to need all these cards every day? Or the coin compartment? Even if large wallets are very trendy and cool nowadays, shop for a wallet that matches your lifestyle. A big wallet may not be well-suited for you if you don’t like owning a lot of stuff or carrying around a bag or a purse; you’d want to look for a rather functional slim bifold wallet that isn’t bulky, and that can easily fit your back pocket or small jean-jacket pocket However, a wallet with many cardholders may suit someone who travels quite often and needs a wallet with passport-boarding slots, or someone who would like cardholders for his business cards, to hand out to clients.

  •  If you like to go on adventures or practice any sport; look for a durable, lightweight wallet that’s waterproof, and that won’t be easily damaged, scratched, torn, so that it protects your belongings from extreme conditions. 
  • Do you travel on public transport a lot? Shop for a wallet that will allow you to organize your train or bus passes and your IDs. There’s also a security feature called RFID technology that can secure your documents against theft.
  • If you tend to forget your stuff anywhere you go, and have a habit of losing your possessions; there are wallets with hand straps or belts for carrying it around your waist or hanging it over your shoulder. Some billfolds even have lock buckles.
  • Opt For Quality 

Always look for high-quality wallets, we buy our wallets and expect them to last for years, so choosing a high-quality material is highly recommended. High-quality materials include:

  • Nylon; a waterproof, long-lasting, sturdy all-weather fabric, it can withstand rough and repeated use.
  • Leather;  an exquisite, natural, and high-quality material that most men and women love. Leather wallets never go out of style, and they endow their wearers with a sense of confidence. They’re also known for their high endurance and durability. Let’s not forget the vintage touch that they add to any outfit! But be careful when buying leather wallets; many brands are not honest enough and claim that they sell authentic leather wallets to make profits, when in fact, they are made up of synthetic or fake leather. So, make sure the brand is well-known and trusted if you want to get that sleek leather wallet.
  • Find Your Style 

Each one of us has our own style and identity that make us stand out in the crowd. If you’re a manager who wears suits most of the time, go for a dark, classic, and traditional wallet. If you love casual wear and jeans, go for a compact wallet with light brown tones that will match all your denim clothing.  Many people live for fashion and love to own the most stylish and trendy wallets, and others prefer bold designs, prints, florals, and popping colors. Hats off to you if you like to buy handmade products!  You’ll certainly want to look for a personalized wallet that provides you with a sense of authenticity and originality, and supports designers and their craftsmanship.

  • Your Budget

Needless to say, don’t forget about your budget when picking a wallet; especially if you’re shopping online, you can filter your options to best match your budget. Because let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of blowing our budgets out of the water when we shop, after looking at 20 pages of expensive and attractive products. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of affordable, yet high-quality and trustworthy brands out there. Many brands offer discounts and sales on their products quite often, so perhaps you can seize the opportunity and get your hands on the wallet you laid your eyes on while shopping a few weeks ago!

Although masks are (sadly) the most important accessory we need right now, buying a new wallet that you really like can bring you some delight in these times. In the end, it all depends on personal preferences, individual differences, aesthetic needs, and lifestyles. Hopefully, these tips will help you get an idea about what kind of billfold, tri-fold, cardholder or wallet is the right one for you!