4 Features Men Absolutely Love To See On Women

Opposite gender relationships have complex dynamics. You hear stories about how Jayden met Patricia and dated, then you take a step back to wonder how these two could date when there is no obvious connection between the both of them, at least to you. 

There is an ageless question that has been passed on to women transcending centuries, culture, and tradition, “what do men find attractive in women?” Scientists have figured out the answer to this question, by letting us know men are ‘visual creatures.’

Ladies, when you meet a guy for the first time and he is checking you out or giving you a long look, he is doing a visual assessment to confirm if you have what he finds attractive in a woman, things that will make him pursue a romantic or sexual relationship with you. 

The parameters may be extended for a woman to meet what I will call the Man-O-Meter scale, but there are certain features that when a woman possesses, it will make that man spare her a second look, hold her gaze or want to know her better. 

The features highlighted below are not exhaustive, but they are the most physical things that men love to see in a woman.  

Natural Beauty

Yes, this is the ultimate feature that a man likes to see on a woman. Putting on makeup may be a big part of your look, but you will surely get a second glare when guys see you are not putting on a heavy makeover that has overshadowed your natural beauty. 

It’s all about body positivity here, girl, be yourself and be confident. But, men appreciate it when a lady is in her natural element, you will be surprised to know that guys want to see the freckles on your face to know that you are real, not a fairytale. 

Waist To Hip Ratio (WTR)

For the sake of clarity, some men are not misogynistic or discriminatory, they just like what they like, and that is a lady with that low waist-to-hip ratio, popularly known as the hourglass figure. 

A new study conducted by the journal Evolution and Human Behavior revealed that men prefer women with hourglass figures, as it is a reliable sign that the woman they are interested in is physically and sexually mature enough and fertile. The hourglass figure is a mantra held by a large percentage of men across the globe, but there are still exceptions that prefer other body types.  

Hair Colour and Style

It may sound bizarre but men are attracted to ladies with long and shiny hair at first glance, but when they get to know and discover that their hair is healthy and luscious, you get a high point on the ‘Men-O-Meter’ scale.

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Don’t also forget that men like varieties of hair color, though some studies have revealed that men rate ladies with blonde hair very low but some men love it that way. Also, 

For men, your hairstyle is also another factor of attraction, you could be rocking a pixie haircut and not look attractive to someone but another one could find it endearing. 

Smile and Composure 

This is one of the most sensitive deal breakers for men, they are hooked when they get a glimpse of a lady’s smile or her laughter. Some men do not bother with other features in a lady after they notice she possesses a gracious smile. They feel you have a beautiful heart if you have a cute smile or sonorous laughter.

Not only that, some men think that smiling unprovoked means you have perfectly white teeth, hence, it increases your rating on the Men-O-Meter scale. 

Also, the composure of a woman is another thing that men find very attractive. As said earlier, men are visual creatures, they are big on appearances, so if you are perfectly put together and have a cute smile, by some innate law, men find you attractive. 

Lest I forget, men use the aforementioned features to rate women they see themselves spending their lives with as a companion, at least, men who are certain of what they want in a woman, in terms of physical features. 

A lady may not have a waist to hip ratio of an hourglass figure but may wear a beautiful smile, be well composed and wear beautiful hair. Men find those attractive.