Why Your Shampoo Might be Causing More Harm than Good

Shampoos are known and widely used for not just their amazing smells but also the fact that they are great tools to helping your hair look and feel clean. There is a wide array of shampoos to choose from in any grocery store or supermarket near your vicinity. 

Shampoo has been a staple for baths for so long that not many people question if they are good for your hair. Here is a quick evaluation of shampoos and why they may not be as good for your hair as they seem. Are you curious? Let's go and check it out. 

What is Shampoo? 

Before we can dive into an explanation of why shampoo may be bad for your hair, it is important to understand what a shampoo essentially is. Shampoos are referred to as a viscous hair product that is applied on wet hair to clean it. Most shampoos are gently massaged onto the scalp and the hair and then rinsed out. 

As mentioned previously, there are many different kinds of shampoos available with options ranging from those specified for a particular gender to a prose shampoo that has organic ingredients. As you can tell, many people choose their shampoos based on what they think their hair needs. 

Why are Shampoos Bad for your Hair?

Let's face it, everyone wants their hair to be healthy while also managing to look fantastic. Many people have spent hundreds of dollars on buying the perfect shampoo with the intention that it will protect their hair. 

However, recent research has uncovered that shampooing your hair may not be as beneficial as you may think it is. Here is a brief overview of some of the main reasons that demonstrate why that is so.  

  • Removal of Essential Natural Oils from Hair: the harsh chemicals surfactants and detergents are two of the main ingredients present in most shampoos. These ingredients are known for their ability to make distinct shampoo foam and bubbles when rubbed onto your hair. Moreover, they are what essentially 'clean' your hair and make it look and feel fresh and light. 

However, it can't be ignored how these ingredients are generally responsible for stripping hair of its essential oils and making it dry, and develop conditions like thinning hair and split ends. 

  • Dry or Irritating Scalp: a healthy scalp is essential for having healthy hair. Exposure to too many chemicals present in shampoos can have a drying effect on the scalp which may lead to conditions like dandruff. Moreover, some ingredients can even be irritating to the scalp causing it to develop rashes and general itchiness. 

Are there any Good Shampoos Around?

Knowing that there are many harmful shampoos around, it is important to know which shampoos are good for you. While choosing a shampoo make sure you get one from a reputed brand that is made of organic ingredients. Moreover, keep in mind that washing your hair excessively with shampoo is never a good idea.  


As you have seen, shampoos can harm the quality of your scalp and your hair, especially if you don't choose the correct products or use the products incorrectly. Many shampoos make use of harsh ingredients that can seriously strip your hair of its essential oils and make it dry, brittle, and sickly. 

Sometimes excessively washing your hair with shampoo can be a leading cause for it losing its overall vitality. The best way to escape the quandary is to make sure that you use good products that are made of organic ingredients. Hope this helps you onto the road to healthy and happy hair!