Why Women Go After Lawn Collection in Summer

Months before a person dresses for winter, we are already fed up with campaigns after campaigns about what we should use for spring / summer. The end of winter and the beginning of spring can mean many things to different communities and places; but in Pakistan it means the beginning of the lawn season.


Even before the weather started to warm up a bit; streets, billboards, magazines, television screens and media shops are beginning to be overshadowed by advertisements and advertisements by designers.

Months before a person starts moving smoothly in winter clothes; we are fed up with campaigns after campaigns about what to use in the spring/ summer.


Campaigns consisting of small, simple models contain three lawn packs in strange places such as Prague, Europe, Africa and Sri Lanka. Which always makes me wonder: why are all these women equal and what woman wants to carry a three-piece lawn in the streets of Venice?


It seems like an insignificant matter to someone who has not been exposed to this segment of society; but if you live in a city like Islamabad or in Rawalpindi and your city is covered with large billboards by Premium Lawn Collection designers, then you see how big it has become.


What started as a summer effort by some designers, about a decade ago; Now it's a money making machine backed by almost every designer in the country, and to the credit where it should, almost everyone does it quite successfully.


For sophisticated designers, big campaigns and crazy advertising money; women are brainwashed into believing that soft lawn is something they can survive without in the summer.

Many economists believe that women are the simplest commodity and that this comprehensive basis proves that economists are right. Pre-ordered weeks, long queues and even real fights on the lawn have become commonplace.


Campaigns with small, well-dressed men wearing three-piece suits in remote places like Prague, Vienna, Cairo and Colombo always make me wonder why all these women look like any woman who wants to wear a three-piece suit? the streets of Venice?

While this is true, it greatly increases Pakistan's economy, and most of these designers and material houses pay good taxes to the government. And it's good to hear all the excitement that women end up having during the high peaks of the lawn.


However, this doesn't really do much for Pakistani women; I mean, yes, they look good, but I also feel that they are drowning in the popularity of brands and labels.

It is no longer a question of looking good or feeling good, but now it is a rat race of those who put in front of the other how many pieces the designer has.


Personally, I know women who, even on the coldest winter nights, have a desire to use branded lawn so they can use it in front of anyone else. This magnificent lawn roots war not only robs women of their hard-earned money and that of their husbands, but it also attacks society with the greatest precision and pressure to look, measure and live in a certain way.


Author Bio:

This article is writtenb by Muhammad Usman. He is a young Marketing Manager with Big dreams and currently, working in an organization named Mulberryfeels.